Obama Dead Ends on Sesame Street

The Sesame Street Commander-in-Chief

The Obama campaign stupidly thinks that Sesame Street can single-handedly (or should I say single-wingedly) knock the stuffing out of the Republican challenger, Mitt Romney.  The campaign’s latest attack ad features the faces of evil people-eating capitalists (Jon Corzine not among them) along side Mitt’s attractive mug in an attempt to link Romney to the great greed machine that will oh so wickedly cut the public paycheck of that PBS yellow-bellied multimillionaire known as Big Bird.

This sad-assed ad is backfiring big time.  Not only is it getting laughed at on the conservative side but the Left-wing pundits are furious at the frivolity of Mister O’s small-ball agenda.  The best one-liner to describe this latest dish of desperate silliness from the Obama crowd was quipped by Rick Klein of ABC: Romney marches toward Benghazi, while the president marches down Sesame Street?

No, Barack, this election isn’t about Elmo, it’s about the economy.  And it ain’t about a giant feathered-friend, it’s about foreign policy.  You know, all that grown-up stuff that requires a president with skill, knowledge, vision, determination, courage, diplomacy, and hardcore leadership.

Obama and Big Bird, perfect together.  The lost mariner and his albatross.

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6 Responses to Obama Dead Ends on Sesame Street

  1. can i use your article on my website, if you allow?

  2. nomobama says:

    Perfect ending on your post! Obama’s lost in more ways than one.

    His campaign has really turned into something pathetic, but what do sane people (as opposed to lunatic hopium users) expect from this jerk who has an even higher opinion of himself than most of his lemmings?

  3. Bria says:

    This seriously comes across as something from The Onion or SNL. The Obama administration has sunk to sad, self-parodying depths. I had heard about this video extensively before I watched it; I half didn’t believe Obama actually put the “…and I approve of this message” with it before I heard it with my own ears.

    • It is amazing, isn’t it? Laura Ingraham said the same thing on her radio program today, that the ad was something The Onion would cook up. Let’s hope the Dems keep the incompetence coming.

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