Flipping Big Bird THE BIRD

Get a Real Job, You Bird Bum

It is long, long overdue for this freeloading feather-head to start flying on its own dime.  The Big Bird product, like all the Sesame Street characters hawked by the perpetually poor and down-at-the mouth PBS, is a multimillion dollar marketing and merchandising industry, yet the taxpaying public is pooped upon every year by this anachronistic bleeding-hearts TV throwback to the tune of $445 million.

Taxpayer funding for PBS began in the 1960s, a time when the TV boob tube consisted of just three channels: ABC, CBS, and NBC.  Public broadcasting was envisioned then as a means of bringing the arts, sciences, history, and classical music into the homes of the general public.  It was supposed to be a way of bypassing the crude world of commercialization in hopes of ensuring that the programming would not suffer the taint of crass corporate interests.

Fast forward to the 21st century where there are hundreds of TV channels for every Homer and Marge Simpson to choose from, a world where DVDs, the Internet and YouTube dominate.  We can find anything, and I mean anything, on the Internet.  Science, history, music, and general education programs of every make and model are at our fingertips and available on our time schedule.

Of course, we’re all expected to get out our pity violins along with our weary wallets and pay the PBS piper for the sake of any household that doesn’t have cable TV or access to the Internet.  The assumption put forth is that the politically progressive PBS model is somehow the arch purveyor of educational brilliance for both adult and child audiences and that without a big fat government grant every year, the cable-less masses will wither and die on the cultural vine.  Utter Huffington Post hogwash.

And don’t you find it more than a bit specious that we’re all supposed to buy the bullshit that all the poor and working-class kids and their parents are hunkered down en masse every day in front of PBS as opposed to watching the more entertaining cartoons, sitcoms, old movies, reality programs, and endless reruns provided by the non-government funded competition?

The public television experiment that started out to add a little healthy protein to the carb-drenched diet of the American viewing audience has found itself corrupted by the syrupy feel-good slime of liberal food-for-thought poisoning.  The smug political entity that sneeringly expects a taxpayer handout while pretending to provide an unbiased alternative television experience, is just another head of the progressive hydra that uses our tax dollars to drive its political agenda.

Time for the Bird Brains at PBS to be pushed out of the taxpayers’ comfy nest.  Start flapping your multicultural wings, fellas, for the free ride is almost at an end.

Public Broadcasting is Past Tense

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