Obama to Women: Vote with Your Vaginas

Woman as Cunt
The Big Government Girl

We all know that free birth control and free abortions-on-demand are the only topics that the good government girls need to bother their silly little heads about.  So all you little pussies out there, don’t you worry your pretty little pea brains about those big grown-up manly issues like jobs, debt, mortgages, and foreign policy—the Obama boys will handle all the tough stuff.  You just focus on getting that tricky IUD inserted, little lady.  And for our lesbian supporters—free government-funded dildos! (instructions included).

This message has been brought to you by Lady Parts, Inc., the progressive non-profit organization dedicated to keeping women perpetually bare-assed and promiscuous.

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3 Responses to Obama to Women: Vote with Your Vaginas

  1. matt says:

    Stay out of my vagina but please control my diet!

  2. The_Kat™ says:

    Totally hilarious take on the REAL War on Women and totally dead on! And what’s this about FREE dildos? Are they just as good as Obamaphones?

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