Muslim Parade in NYC Ends in Hate Fest

The Muslim Parade, yes, the Muslim Parade, which was held this past Sunday in mid-town Manhattan featured key speakers calling for the criminalization of blasphemy against ‘the prophet’ as well as a little gangsta rap offered up by a female Islamic dupe praising her womb for the future terrorists it would produce.

But the marching Muslim hate parade proved too much for State Senator, Tony Avella, who initially had agreed to be one of the parade marshals.  Senator Avella, a Democrat, walked off the podium in disgust during the outrageous anti-American and anti-Jew spew-fest voiced by the idiot bitch with the exploding uterus.  Gee, it looks like Tony had what the Left likes to call a consciousness-raising moment.

This news story was covered by The United West, a national security watchdog organization.  Reassuring to know that at least someone is on the job here.

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2 Responses to Muslim Parade in NYC Ends in Hate Fest

  1. Mary says:

    Why do we allow the UN on our soil?!?!? Please tell me why? It is about freaking time the liberals wake up to the horrors of radical islam! I can only hope that this is the beginning of a trend. I know I am preaching to the converted…. just had to reply.

    • If the US stopped funding the UN, it would collapse. If nothing else though, the UN is a great stage for the realities of Multiculturalism–backward people with their backward worldviews who would collectively take us back full tilt to barbarism.

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