Toledo Unions Say NO to Domestic Partner Benefits

A little tussle on-board the Democrat Diversity Bus….

The majority of members belonging to three city of Toledo union locals declined to let employees in domestic partnerships receive the same health-insurance benefits extended to spouses of legally married city employees — something that Mayor Mike Bell and city council approved this year.

The Toledo Police Patrolman’s Association and two units of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Local 7, in three separate votes, rejected the benefit.

Don Czerniak, Local 7 president, said the employees overwhelmingly disagreed with extending the benefit to unmarried couples — which could have covered both heterosexual and same-sex couples who register as domestic partners.

How could this be?  Well, it seems that Mayor Mike Bell, who ran for office as an Independent, has been banging heads with Toledo’s public sector unions.  Mayor Bell has been looking for ways to restrict the union’s ability to fund political candidates and has also been pushing to restrict their collective bargaining rights.  In other words, Mayor Bell is not a popular pro-union icon in the city of Toledo, hence the no way! reaction of the rank and file to one of the Mayor’s proposals.

Oh dear, dykes and fairies held hostage by the city’s public sector unions.  Could this diversity gig be a bit more nuanced than originally known?  Well, perhaps we should query Elizabeth Warren.

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4 Responses to Toledo Unions Say NO to Domestic Partner Benefits

  1. very opinionated says:

    This is going to be very interesting in the next few weeks. And i do say, i believe the tide is turnning on the diversity bus!

  2. Wisebeyond says:

    Oh dear… First the black ministers … The 2/3rs of conservative lesbians… Now the
    unions??? Where are the young little gold diggers gonna get their “rights” to all their partners stuff???

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