Romney’s Bad Month? Not Hardly

If this is a bad month for Romney,
Then bring on the worst!

This is a graph summarizing Gallup’s polls throughout the month of September.  Keep in mind that Gallup has been polling registered voters, not likely voters.  And how interesting that the Democrat media has been tirelessly playing its Barack Obama echo-chamber music, screeching out the same tired old ditty entitled A Bad Month for Romney.

Time to tune out the Democrat DJs.

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4 Responses to Romney’s Bad Month? Not Hardly

  1. MDinLA says:

    I have the pitchforks and torches – I can be ready by 9AM…

  2. very opinionated says:

    I really don’t see how Romney can have a bad week, i mean look at Obama.. he’s had four bad years! And honestly.. those poll numbers from the mainstream media doesn’t make anysense whatso ever.

  3. glen Amos says:

    The lead on Fox News locally last night was what a bad week Romney had. This is insane. It is like the horrible events in Libya and the turmoil in Egypt and elsewhere never happened. There have only been a handful of times over the past 40 years where a President has had as bad a week as Obama just experienced.
    We need a revolt to overthrow the news media in this country..

    • Agreed. A revolt is long, long overdue. If the goal is really to take back America, then the media and the universities should be the top targets. We have sat back and done nothing for eons other than to bitch and moan. We win elections when we can have our ideas presented fairly to the electorate and when the electorate is open to hearing those ideas. We have been striking out on both fronts for decades now.

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