Meet Pat Condell, Islam’s Enemy

Pat Condell, comedian, political commentator, and avowed atheist gives us the clearest and most concise summary of the Islamic modus operandi and speaks truth to the corrupt progressive powers that would sell-out Western values in the name of multicultural accommodation.

A Brit with Balls Tells Islam Where to Get Off

And let’s not forget those flowering demon-ocracies of the Arab Spring and all those poor picked on Palestinians who only hanker after a whole lot of Jew hating.  Mr. Condell does a mighty nice job of picking apart the progressive party line on the Sharia shake-down and the Left’s Palestinian pets.

Progressive Imbeciles for Palestine

Couldn’t have said any of this any better.

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8 Responses to Meet Pat Condell, Islam’s Enemy

  1. libertygrace says:

    Islam is evil and Muslims are its first victims! Atheists may not understand my next statement,but I will try anyway. The god of Islam is NOT the same as that of the Christians and the Jews. Muslims THINK that what they have is light but what they really hold is diabolical darkness! And yes Pat the United States is in trouble, with Obama in charge we don’t have much time. I know this is asking for much from you – an atheist, but do you think you can pray for America, or meditate good vibes?

  2. RealAmerican says:

    Unfortunately he’s an atheist….and calls follower of Jesus Christ idiots. (Don’t worry — I won’t riot and murder because of it.) Aside from that, I do agree with his take on islam.

  3. Mary says:

    Wow, I LOVE this guy! I think that these videos should be circulated to every American along with the photos of the 4 Americans who were murdered and tortured in Libya. I am seething mad at how the White House has been handling it. When are the American people going to wake up?!?!? You would think that the loss of these lives and all the violence that has occured would do that, but not so far…..

  4. frank k. says:

    Great post – Hope this poor man has a retired Navy SEAL or two , for company …. frank k. (N.Va.)

  5. Perry Palmer says:

    Wow! Do I like this fellow! I hope those Muslims don’t forget, we have guns.

  6. He sounded a little tired of all the threats/hate spewed our way! Articulate for sure!

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