Take Down Video from YouTube? Google Says NO

Google announced on Friday that it will not comply with the White House’s request to remove the anti-Mohammed video from its YouTube site.

Google said it had already determined that the video did not violate its terms of service regarding hate speech, because it was against the Muslim religion but not Muslim people.

The company also said Friday that it had blocked access to the video in India and Indonesia because it violated local laws.

These actions came after Google temporarily blocked the video on Wednesday in Egypt and Libya of its own volition — not because it violated laws or YouTube’s terms of service — an extraordinary measure that it said it took in response to the delicacy of the situation. The video is accessible in the rest of the world, even as protests spread to nearly 20 countries, from North Africa to Indonesia.  New York Times

Freedom of speech or endless pandering to a mob mentality that can never be appeased?  Which is it, America?

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2 Responses to Take Down Video from YouTube? Google Says NO

  1. Bria says:

    The White House response to this has been terrifying. Deputies assisting the federal probation department have taken the filmmaker in for “an interview”: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/09/anti-muslim-film-nakoula-basseley-innocence-muslims.html. Obama has without a doubt shown himself completely unfit to lead the country with the way he handled this (which apparently has been to hope it all blows over while he campaigns and meets with celebrities.) I honestly don’t know what will happen if he gets a second term, but the though absolutely terrifies me.

    • Yes, It is very terrifying, Bria. Releasing the name of the supposed film maker, being complicit in outing him, pandering to the lowest of the low—it’s absolutely disgusting. Are Muslims a bunch of wild savages who must be placated at all costs even at the expense of compromising our own freedoms?

      The world of MSNBC progressivism: Piss Christ–a work of art to be applauded; anti-Muslim film–a crime to be condemned. Obama and the progressive worldview have got to go!

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