Bill Maher Compares Islam and Christian Fundamentalism

Bill Maher offers his usual brand of religious-berating comedy in this comparison of Christian and Islamic fundamentalism.  And he comes to the mind-blowing conclusion that….

Christianity is Benign but Islam is Dangerous

Notice the slight hesitation from the audience, as if they’re not quite sure that laughing at the Third World cultures dominated by Islam is the politically correct reaction.  It’s amazing to me that any American would need reminding, whether through a comedy routine or through any other venue, that Islamic culture is abysmally inferior to Western Civilization.

In any Islamic outpost around the globe, Bill Maher and his applauding audience would find themselves with hacked off heads in such enlightened societal havens as Saudi Arabia, with ripped apart limbs in such progressive places as Pakistan, and with very sore rumps from those gang bang rehabilitation cells in such liberally acclaimed towers of modernity as Turkey.

I would say that the religion of peace has a bit of a PR problem.

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9 Responses to Bill Maher Compares Islam and Christian Fundamentalism

  1. Maryellen Lyons says:

    I do believe that Obama’s million donor is seeing reality,,,,hopefully,,,take your money back

  2. It is a weak little coward that pretends to compare two things he has little knowledge of. When he speaks, I can’t help but see the big red clown nose! He IS the joke!
    His comedy offends me less than his stupidity !

  3. Artie Galvin says:

    Wow, this is a surprise! I generally consider Bill Maher to be a big weenie but he seems to be “getting it” about islam (no capital for this word, EVER). Let’s hope the rest of the lib world catches on before it’s too late.

  4. That’s why I like you Jeanne. You get it. 🙂

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