Occupy Cop Hater Charged with Crimes for Facebook Pages

Joshua Scott Albert, the smug little Occupy Lefty who gloated over the murder of off-duty police officer, Moses Walker, Jr., and who broadcast his cop hate by creating Facebook pages honoring the Officer’s killers is now face-to-face with something other than a simple social network.   What’s a 26-year old boy blogger to do?

The Philadelphia District Attorney has charged Albert with three counts each of criminal solicitation to commit murder, terroristic threats, and harassment for his Facebook pages supporting the two cop killers and for his pages that called for the murders of the President of the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police and the Philadelphia District Attorney.  Gee, maybe there should be an Occupy Stupidity movement.

Mr. Albert, being the busy little bucky beaver that he is, also found time to create a Kill Mitt Romney Facebook page and that little bit of extracurricular criminality is currently under investigation by the U. S. Secret Service.

And of course, now that the legal chickens have come home to roost, this vile piece of progressive garbage whose greatest career success has been working as a—wait for it—busboy, is tucked away in hiding, ruing the demise of his civil liberties.  For surely, creating threatening Facebook pages and encouraging murder and mayhem must all be included in that whole constitutional preamble package, right?

Ain’t it interesting how the Left only digs the US Constitution when they are trying to duck behind it.

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