Our Ambassador is Murdered But Still the Left Clings to their Arab Spring Fantasy

The Muslim mantra of the American Left continues to croon its mesmerizing tune.  These silly multiculturalists really do believe that if they could only strangle anti-Islamic speech than the whole freaking world of Third World victims would finally come to love us after all.  Ignorance, according to the playbook of the progressive Politburo, can only be found within the borders of the USA and even then it is confined to the narrow evil corridors inhabited by Right-wing extremists.

A United States Ambassador is assassinated and three of his comrades lay fallen beside him, yet we are assured that these deaths were simply sparked by the asinine antics of a politicized pastor in Florida.  The Muslim mantra moans on: if only there had been no hateful Mohammad on YouTube, if only those conservative crazies could be criminalized and caged, then surely Obama’s campaign of appropriate appeasement could certainly pave the way to save the Arab Spring day.

Yep, the delusional Democrats are OMing their way through foreign affairs unable to awake from their passive political stupor.  So goes the War on Terror.

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5 Responses to Our Ambassador is Murdered But Still the Left Clings to their Arab Spring Fantasy

  1. very opinionated says:

    I can’t believe this is happening.. Can’t wait for President Romney!

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    Obama would have taken the assignation of an ambassador like a pit bull and wouldn’t let go if he were campaigning against a legitimate president. Mitt Romney did the right thing.

    • Interesting that when his aids woke him up to tell him that the Libyan embassy had been breached but no other details were available, he went back to bed.

      And to see him on the campaign trail laughing it up one day after four Americans are slaughtered because the state dept didn’t figure out they should have had some type of protection other than the Libyan goons guarding our embassy–Obama gives two shits for these poor guys.

  3. aimee says:

    We need to quit sending money there!

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