Won’t Back Down: Chicago’s Teachers Confront Choice

School Choice seems to be rearing its game-changing head in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Windy City.  With the Chicago Teachers’ Union threatening to go on strike this Monday, Mayor Emanuel is finding himself on the conservative side of the fiscal responsibility fence.

And one of the major issues on the bargaining table in Chicago is the administration’s program of non-union Charter Schools which, believe it or not, the Mayor wishes to expand.  The radical idea that parents would have the freedom of CHOICE in selecting the educational vehicle appropriate for their child is being fought tooth and nail by teachers’ unions across the country, and Chicago is no exception.

But mad-as-hell parents and forward-thinking educators are striking back.  When a public school system becomes an institutional prison to which families are forced to commit their children, it’s time for hard and fast commonsense solutions.

Won’t Back Down

Won’t Back Down will be hitting the movie circuit in late September.  And one wonders what the teachers of Chicago will be up to at that point in time.

Well, in the video below, we get a revealing glimpse of the public sector parasites who are on the front lines supposedly fighting for the kiddies of Chicago.  My favorite part of this video is toward the end where you get to see these smug leeches gathered together brainstorming ideas on how to create additional taxes on the citizens of Illinois so that their public sector paradise can continue undisturbed.

Chicago Teachers’ Union and Occupy Chicago
Perfect Together

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8 Responses to Won’t Back Down: Chicago’s Teachers Confront Choice

  1. Marcus says:

    You have to wonder if Maggie Gyllenhaal was aware of what kind of film she was making? Like she went to the preview and thought “Oh my God, I’ll never work in Hollywood again!” Or maybe the intransigent bureaucrats suddenly morphed into Republican stereotypes?

  2. veryopinionated25 says:

    Teacher Unions are so evil. They don’t even care about the kids at all. They only care about protecting their jobs. I say.. if you want job protection, just be a great teacher!.. that simple!

    • Mary Posey says:

      I could not agree more!!!! The starting salary for a French teacher in my school district is $115,000 a year. Add to that the fact they get tenure after 18 months and you do not have to wonder why California is in such trouble. 50% of our state budget goes to “education” and we are 48th or 49th in terms of scores. Evil is and excellent description.

      • very opinionated says:

        Wow.. $115,000 a year and after 18 months they get tenure? That is insane and totaly wronng. And they say they are “under paid” GIVE ME A BREAK! I know alot of truly caring nonunion teachers that SHOULD get paid that much, but they don’t! That is sad as hell!

  3. Mary Posey says:

    I love how in the union video, the word children, education, schools etc is not mentioned once. These leaches as you know make me crazy. I am really looking forward to the movie, when I retire I am going to set my sights on doing whatever I can to bring down teacher’s unions and the NEA! Oooh but don;t get me started…..

    Both my boys were miserable in school, they were great readers and are very bright and only a few of their teachers were able to deal with them well. When they were juniors in high school they were able to finally get into alternative schools. My oldest did college half time and high school half time. It was a great setting for him. At the start of the year the teacher asked that the parents who could afford to please buy the kids text books for the college classes so we could help save the school district some money. I polite told them that there was NO WAY I was going to do anything to help save the district money. As far as I was concerned it was the least they could do for my son since they had totally failed in their efforts to educate him. Not all their teachers were bad, the few good ones were God sends, unfortunately the are sadly outnumbered by the incompetent ones, who will never get fired. Oops I got started 🙂

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