At DNC, Cardinal Dolan Gets the Last Word

Fox News seemed to be the only network that carried the closing benediction offered by Cardinal Timothy Dolan at the Democratic National Convention last night.  And that meant that many millions of people missed out on the wonderfully ironic spectacle of the Archbishop of New York bearding the Democrat beast in its own den.

The Cardinal cleverly and clearly cut down all the hilarious hooting and hollering of the abortion-on-demand crowd and reminded the progressive faithful that honoring the lives of the unborn and respecting religious freedom were also something to shout about.

The only just government is the government that serves its citizens rather than itself.

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4 Responses to At DNC, Cardinal Dolan Gets the Last Word

  1. Glen A. Amos says:

    The majority at this convention voted 3 times to take “God” out of their platform (even thought the results were rigged). To then see all those bowed heads as Cardinal Dolan spoke, made me sick. What a bunch of hypocrites. Then again, perhaps they had tuned out the Cardinal and were just fantasizing about Bill Flukeing in our Oval Office.

    • Agree, Glen. What a bunch of fluking hypocrites. Betcha it stuck in their fluking craws that they had to pretend to look pious for 5 minutes—they all couldn’t wait to get to the lobby and pick up their fluking free condoms.

  2. Mary Posey says:

    As a reformed Catholic, I was particularly moved and comforted by Cardinal Dolan’s speech. “The only just government is the government that serves its citizens rather that itself.” is spot on and really stood out for me. I truly hope that religion, Christianity/Judaism make a come back in this country. Once again I pray for this country and that we make the right choice this fall.

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