Late Term Abortion: A Living Contradiction

For all the silly political antics of the Code Pink dancing vagina dames, these Democrat fanatics, along with their ball-less buddies masquerading as members of the male gender, are plainly and simply ardent supporters of the horrific crime of infanticide.  And the Orwellian world of these sloganeering slags touting the sop of women’s reproductive rights as the victim-hood catchphrase that wipes away any need to contemplate the barbarous reality of a late-term abortion is on full display at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

But there are other voices out there getting heard above the cultural cacophony of government-supported genocide and these voices have a very different frame of reference from the Democratic fetal fracking free-for-all.

Meet Gianna Jessen, an aborted fetus.  Listen to this heroic lady who shares her life experiences as a late-term abortion survivor.

Born Alive

The antiseptic pretense that abortion boils down to a woman’s right to choose is the killingly callous joke of the fraudulently feminist agenda.

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2 Responses to Late Term Abortion: A Living Contradiction

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    Between this abortion perversion and the “Sluts Vote” pins, I don’t see how 95% of American women couldn’t be turned off from this idiotic “Liberal” party. It’s just sick!

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