Obama Cares? Ask His Brother George

As Democrats tear-jerked their way through the Michelle Obama sob speech last night seemingly oblivious to the fact that this Democrat doyenne of progressive pap has taken 17 taxpayer-funded vacations while contemplating with compassion the sad state of the little lives of her husband’s constituency, it was interesting to note that the recurring theme of this wifely spiel was the caring nature of her golf-prone hubby.

Barack cares apparently is the latest mantra to be muttered endlessly by the masses, signifying that if this presidential boob cares then obviously we should all rush to the voting booth on election day to grant Mr. O a second term.

But as Forrest Gump sort of said, caring is as caring does.  And good old George Obama, the president’s half-brother living in semi-poverty in Kenya, has a very different experience of our let government do it progressive president.

Unable to bend the ear or touch the heart of his millionaire sibling when he needed help paying the hospital bill for his sick son, George Obama managed to garner aid from a very unexpected quarter.  Dinesh D’Souza, conservative commentator and author, proffered poor George the $1,000 to pay his son’s bill.  Yep, the cold uncaring conservative was the one to pony-up for Obama’s kith and kin in Africa.

Meanwhile, here on the American home front, the word on the street is that brother Barack and sister-in-law Michelle are purchasing a $35m beachfront mansion in Hawaii.

So boys and girls, the political science lesson to be learned from this fable of the fat cat presidential progressive is that when you view government as the ultimate caregiver, the less personal responsibility you feel for family, friends, and even yourself.  It’s the kind of mentality that would have a multimillionaire man turn his back on his brother for the sake of saving a thousand bucks.

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2 Responses to Obama Cares? Ask His Brother George

  1. Obama can’t care… It isn’t in his blood!

    On another topic (sort of) is anybody else wondering why the big deal about the beard to be shaved or not for Major Hassan? The Democrat leaders may prefer he look more “military” than muslim ???!!!

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