DNC Platform Amendments: Dems Quickly Discover God and Jerusalem

Reflecting the amateurish leadership currently in the White House, the Democratic Party, in mid convention, jammed through platform changes today to stem the tide of bad PR and virulent dissension within their own ranks.  These clowns only made themselves and their party look like the hide-and-seek socialists that they really are.

After initially removing any reference to God and eliminating the obvious fact that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel from the Democratic party platform, the Left-wing jackasses running this sideshow were caught off guard when Romney and Ryan blasted the Dems as nothing more than Left-wing extremists.  Caught with their progressive pants down.

The change came after both Mitt Romney and GOP running mate Paul Ryan criticized the omission.  In an interview with Fox News, Romney said the omission signaled the “party is veering further and further away into an extreme wing that Americans don’t recognize.”  Fox News

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