Obama’s Outdoor Spectacle Limps Off Center Stage

In 2008, it was Greek columns and otherworldly smoke and mirrors.  But in 2012, the deluded Democrats have moved beyond the era of Athens and into the iron fist age of the all-powerful Caesars, opting for the majesty of the Roman amphitheater and the screaming adoration of the lowly masses.  Emperor Obama, who obviously is wearing no political competency cloths to speak of, is still pathetically clinging to the pretense of apotheosis.

But one little problem….despite giving away tickets to the Emperor’s acceptance speech at every neighborhood bar, restaurant, and college dorm within a 100-mile radius of Charlotte and even after attempting to organize bus loads of Black church members, union goons, and more of those naive college campus kiddies, the Democrat devotees seem unable to pack the coliseum for the Great One’s oratory extravaganza.

Oh well.  The Bank of America Stadium, euphemistically rebranded Panther Stadium by the anti-corporate hee-haw crowd to mask the harsh grown-up reality that we all benefit from those greedy capitalist bank barons, will need to wait another day before it hosts any hokey cardboard coronation for some fly-by-night pretentious politician.

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