DNC Planned Parenthood Rally Nets Next to Nobody

Despite the feeble attempts by Planned Parenthood to make it appear that huge crowds gathered today in support of taxpayer funding for abortion on demand, the attendance reality for the rally was a little bit different from the propaganda pictures that Prevent Parenthood would have the public believe.

Thanks to the efforts of Mary Katherine Ham, Editor-at-Large for Hotair and John McCormack, Staff Writer for the Weekly Standard, a clear snapshot has been provided that proves even hard-core Democrats are getting fried from all the let’s hear it for fetal fracking! that these dames indulge in.

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2 Responses to DNC Planned Parenthood Rally Nets Next to Nobody

  1. A.Men says:

    Most Americans believe life begins at Conception. Most Christian and Jews do not want to pay for others’ abortion pills.

    Ryan/ Romney 2012.

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