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Get Your Free Obama Phone!

Let’s see now….your right to free food stamps so you don’t have to fork out your own dough stuffing your gob….your right to free school meals so you don’t get stuck provisioning your own progeny….your right to free internet access so you don’t miss out on the Facebook/Twitter time waster fest….your right to free birth control so you don’t get screwed from all your freelance fucking….your right to free abortions so you don’t get foiled by those feisty fetuses when you’re too fagged out to take the free birth control….and now, your right to free cell phones so you don’t have to pay for the privilege of phoning your fellow deadbeats. Continue reading

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Iranian Diplomat Gets Harassed by Dissidents in NYC

Now that the Ahmadinejad love fest at the United Nations has culminated in a week’s worth of embarrassing suck up from America’s Left-wingnuts, it’s kind of nice to watch the big welcome some Iranian dissidents went out of their way to provide for a member of Ahmadinejad’s entourage. A little kick in the pants, a little spit in the face seems to be a more reality-based reaction to a reactionary regime, don’t you think? Keep your eye on the lady in white. Continue reading

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Andy Williams—Crossing Moon River

Inside Edition, the TV trash program that proffers a nightly dose of Hollywood garbage, did a brief but seemly tribute to Andy Williams this evening, featuring clips from his TV variety show and his Christmas specials. They immediately followed up on the Williams’ commemoration with a piece, and I do mean piece, on that fleshy bundle of slut-stuff know as Lady Gaga. My gosh, the juxtaposition of the truly talented and professional Andy Williams with such a skeevy skank like Gaga just shows how much our culture has been slip-sliding away. Continue reading

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Muslim Parade in NYC Ends in Hate Fest

The Muslim Parade, yes, the Muslim Parade, which has held this past Sunday in mid-town Manhattan featured key speakers calling for the criminalization of blasphemy against ‘the prophet’ as well as a little gangsta rap offered up by a female Islamic dupe praising her womb for the future terrorists it would produce. Continue reading

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US High School Band Celebrates the Russian Revolution

The communist symbols of tyranny and mass murder were proudly on display at a Friday night football game last week, and no, this didn’t happen in one of those progressive outposts like San Francisco or Cambridge, Mass. To the contrary. The hammer and sickle of the communist Russian revolution were proudly strutting their stuff in a super sleepy suburban backwater nestled next to the Gettysburg Civil War National Park. Continue reading

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Toledo Unions Say NO to Domestic Partner Benefits

Oh dear, dykes and fairies held hostage by the city’s public sector unions. Could this diversity gig be a bit more nuanced than originally known? Well, perhaps we should query Elizabeth Warren. Continue reading

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Romney’s Bad Month? Not Hardly

This is a graph summarizing Gallup’s polls throughout the month of September. Keep in mind that Gallup has been polling registered voters, not likely voters. And how interesting that the Democrat media has been tirelessly playing its Barack Obama echo-chamber music, screeching out the same tired old ditty entitled A Bad Month for Romney. Continue reading

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Meet Pat Condell, Islam’s Enemy

Pat Condell, comedian, political commentator, and avowed atheist gives us the clearest and most concise summary of the Islamic modus operandi and speaks truth to the corrupt progressive powers that would sell-out Western values in the name of multicultural accommodation. Continue reading

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Australia Says NO to Gay Marriage

A legislative bill to legalize gay marriage that was sponsored by a member of Australia’s Labor Party has been roundly defeated in the House of Representatives by a vote of 98 – 42. Both the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, of the Labor Party, and former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, also of Labor, voted against the bill. It would appear that many people down under, and in fact many folks from around the globe, are balking at the prospect of redefining the concept of marriage to include same-sex couples. Continue reading

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Father-Daughter Dances? ILLEGAL!

Oh my, a school in Rhode Island had the audacity to continue their tradition of hosting an annual father-daughter dance knowing full well that doing so might exclude those girls living in alternative settings. But have no fear, for the ACLU is here, ready, willing, and able to bash those bullies with a threatening letter using what seems to be their bottomless coffers of cash to enforce the cultural mandates that would proscribe the outrageous public flaunting of families with fathers. Continue reading

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Bill Maher Compares Islam and Christian Fundamentalism

In any Islamic outpost around the globe, Bill Maher and his applauding audience would find themselves with hacked off heads in such enlightened societal havens as Saudi Arabia, with ripped apart limbs in such progressive places as Pakistan, and with very sore rumps from those gang bang rehabilitation cells in such liberally acclaimed towers of modernity as Turkey. Continue reading

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Sharia Lite in LA: Cops Appease Muslim Mobs

Did the LA cops put on enough of a public show to share with the global media its intent to crackdown on those who would blaspheme against the pre-medieval ‘prophet’? Did the Obama administration flex enough muscle to make it clear to anyone living in the land of the free and the home of the brave that mugging Mohammed would bring the full force of our Sharia-enabling government goon squad down on their poor benighted head? As a nation, we are pulling down our pants and bending over for a bunch of Third World maniacs. Continue reading

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Take Down Video from YouTube? Google Says NO

Google announced on Friday that it will not comply with the White House’s request to remove the anti-Mohammed video from its YouTube site. Freedom of speech or endless pandering to a mob mentality that can never be appeased? Which is it, America? Continue reading

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Ward Churchill, Professional Academic Indian, Loses Appeal

The University of Colorado won their appeal at the Colorado Supreme Court this week which means that the firing of Ward Churchill, the male half of that American Indian academic comedy routine know as Churchill and Warren, has been upheld. Churchill was fired back in 2007 by the University after an investigation into his ‘research’ showed patterns of plagiarism and fabrication. Continue reading

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Our Ambassador is Murdered But Still the Left Clings to their Arab Spring Fantasy

The Muslim mantra of the American Left continues to croon its mesmerizing tune. These silly multiculturalists really do believe that if they could only strangle anti-Islamic speech than the whole freaking world of Third World victims would finally come to love us after all. Ignorance, according to the playbook of the progressive Politburo, can only be found within the borders of the USA and even then it is confined to the narrow evil corridors inhabited by Right-wing extremists. Continue reading

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Occupy Cop Hater Charged with Crimes for Facebook Pages

Joshua Scott Albert, the smug little Occupy Lefty who gloated over the murder of off-duty police officer, Moses Walker, Jr., and who broadcast his cop hate by creating Facebook pages honoring the Officer’s killers is now face-to-face with something other than a simple social network. What’s a 26-year old boy blogger to do? Continue reading

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Daughter of Fallen 9/11 Hero Follows in Her Dad’s Footsteps

Erin Coughlin, daughter of NYPD Sergeant John Coughlin, is completing her training as a cadet at the Police Academy this year. Ms. Coughlin is following in her Dad’s footsteps but for her the career choice of being a cop for the City of New York brings with it a special motivation. Erin’s father died on September 11, 2001 when the Twin Towers collapsed—he met his death helping folks at the World Trade Center escape the burning buildings. Continue reading

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September 11, 2001

Never Forget. Continue reading

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Won’t Back Down: Chicago’s Teachers Confront Choice

School Choice seems to be rearing its game-changing head in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Windy City. With the Chicago Teachers’ Union threatening to go on strike this Monday, Mayor Emanuel is finding himself on the conservative side of the fiscal responsibility fence. Continue reading

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At DNC, Cardinal Dolan Gets the Last Word

Fox News seemed to be the only network that carried the closing benediction offered by Cardinal Timothy Dolan at the Democratic National Convention last night. And that meant that many millions of people missed out on the wonderfully ironic spectacle of the Archbishop of New York bearding the Democrat beast in its own den. Continue reading

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Late Term Abortion: A Living Contradiction

For all the silly political antics of the Code Pink dancing vagina dames, these Democrat fanatics, along with their ball-less buddies masquerading as members of the male gender, are plainly and simply ardent supporters of the horrific crime of infanticide. And the Orwellian world of these sloganeering slags touting the sop of women’s reproductive rights as the victim-hood catchphrase that wipes away any need to contemplate the barbarous reality of a late-term abortion is on full display at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Continue reading

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DNC Platform Amendments: Dems Quickly Discover God and Jerusalem

Reflecting the amateurish leadership currently in the White House, the DNC, in mid convention, jammed through party platform changes today to stem the tide of bad PR and virulent dissension within their own ranks. These clowns only made themselves and their party look like the hide-and-seek socialists that they really are. Continue reading

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Obama Cares? Ask His Brother George

As Democrats tear-jerked their way through the Michelle Obama sob speech last night seemingly oblivious to the fact that this Democrat doyenne of progressive pap has taken 17 taxpayer-funded vacations while contemplating with compassion the sad state of the little lives of her husband’s constituency, it was interesting to note that the recurring theme of this wifely spiel was the caring nature of her golf-prone hubby. Continue reading

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DNC Planned Parenthood Rally Nets Next to Nobody

Despite the feeble attempts by Planned Parenthood to make it appear that huge crowds gathered today in support of taxpayer funding for abortion on demand, the attendance reality for the rally was a little bit different from the propaganda pictures that Prevent Parenthood would have the public believe. Continue reading

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Obama’s Outdoor Spectacle Limps Off Center Stage

In 2008, it was Greek columns and otherworldly smoke and mirrors. But in 2012, the deluded Democrats have moved beyond the era of Athens and into the iron fist age of the all-powerful Caesars, opting for the majesty of the Roman amphitheater and the screaming adoration of the lowly masses. Emperor Obama, who obviously is wearing no political competency cloths to speak of, is still pathetically clinging to the pretense of apotheosis. Continue reading

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