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For Chick-fil-A, A Record Setting Sales Day

The queer movement has resorted to the typical ploys of the Left and has attempted to demonize any opposition to the gay marriage issue. The Hate hustle that is used here to close down discussion on same-sex marriage is along the same lines as the racist rant when it comes to opposition to Obama or to any perceived challenge to the multicultural mandate—it’s a strategy meant to sideline and gag opponents by glorifying not only the controversial cause itself but also the sacred victims it purports to save. This apotheosis approach has become standard political fare for the anything but fair-minded minions of progressivism, be they gay or straight. Continue reading

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It’s Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day—So Let’s Flip the Bird to the NoH8 Hate Hustlers

Let’s sock it to those anti-Christian Chicken Shits, those Gay Marriage Muggers with their Muslim Blind Eye and their big time Bully Boy Tactics. Continue reading

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