2016: Obama’s America—Dreams of the Yesterday Man

Dinesh D’Souza’s election season documentary, 2016: Obama’s America, has been making some big political waves as well as making some solid money.  The Michael Moore brand of white Lefty snark has been pushed aside for a classy conservative analysis of the Obama phenomenon.

And over at Taki’s Magazine where the D’Souza film was both booed and ballyhooed, one very astute commenter made an incisive observation summing up quite succinctly what the Obama presidency has been all about.

Obama is the epitome of upper middle-class Boomer culture.  If you sat down with a group of 1960’s college radicals and asked them to draw up the perfect man, they would have started with a mixed race person of dubious origin. He would, of course, have gone through his training at elite academies that radicals believed were symbols of white establishment power. He would espouse all of the liberal pieties about American history, culture and economics.

The day Obama stepped onto the stage, I viewed him as a Yesterday Man.  His life has always been about courting the radical elites who came of age in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  If you look at his early life, you see a man who carefully learned to play the part for which he was cast.  His wandering years post college were a search for a new stage on which he could perform. Obama has been and always will be a Sambo for radical elites.

If you look at Obama’s time in office, you see a man ticking off boxes from a checklist of slights and injuries suffered by the Left. The reset with Russia was an overdue rebuke of Reagan.  Healthcare was a do over for Early Clinton.  Welfare is a rebuke of late Clinton. Afghanistan is a rebuke of Bush. Everything about the Obama years is about looking back, reacting to old wounds and old fights.  Like the political religion he represents, Obama is all about the past.  George Doehner at Taki’s Magazine

This November, America will indeed vote to move the country forward but it won’t be the back-to-the-future brand of anti-American socialism touted by the sloganeering Obama campaign that will win the electoral nod.  After what we have seen at the Republican Convention this week, it’s pretty plain that the college dorm drug-induced dreams of the white Lefty Boomer establishment have just met their Lake Wobegon Waterloo.

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4 Responses to 2016: Obama’s America—Dreams of the Yesterday Man

  1. veryopinionated25 says:

    Haven’t seen the movie yet, but i really want to see it real bad! I don’t get a chance to see it in theaters, hopefully i’ll buy it when it comes out on DVD before the election(hopefully).

  2. Paula says:

    Cute story. I’ll be seeing the movie here soon. Afterward I’ll hit-up the grocery store to see what I find 🙂

  3. Perry Palmer says:

    Last Sunday I went to see “2016: Obama’s America”. What an eye-opener! After that, I went to the grocery store; not having a buggy, I was walking down an aisle when a little old lady (81, I found out) pushed her buggy right up to me. She said, “Are you voting?” I told her I sure was and I was going to try to get that Obama out and Romney in. Then she told me that she’d just seen the Obama move, too, and had left it with tears in her eyes. We talked for 15 minutes about that man in OUR White House. Here she is, 81, and she owns a little business in Denver and goes to it every day. She also has three kittens, which was a plus. It was a good day after the movie, at the grocery store.

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