Mia Love and Other Minorities Blacked Out at MSNBC

If you were watching the Republican National Convention over at the MSNBC Democrat plantation, you wouldn’t have seen nor heard the speeches of Black or Latino Republicans.  Such uppity minorities who dare to thumb their noses at the Democrat’s grievance grindstone are a growing threat to the progressive party line and therefore must be blacked out by the white liberal elites running the political showbiz at MSNBC.

But these sad and silly tactics only make the MSNBCers look like the manipulative propaganda horses’ patoots that they indeed are.  I mean, come on!  Refusing to air the speeches of Black, Asian, and Latino Republicans?  How very bush league.

So, if you missed some of the great run-up speeches on Tuesday night or if you were one of those simpletons who sat through the Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, and Rachel Maddow mosh pit of political reporting, here are two key speeches from two very special Republican women.

Mia Love

Nikki Haley

I especially think that Mia Love, who is running for Congress in Utah and Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina are two very fascinating women.  Both Mia Love and Nikki Haley’s parents were immigrants to America—their family stories and the values that their parents imparted to their daughters are the weft and warp of the America experience.

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4 Responses to Mia Love and Other Minorities Blacked Out at MSNBC

  1. Mary Posey says:

    Have you seen this? I heard about it on Rush’s program today, made me so mad I was shouting at the radio. Right on cue, the libs have to start the smear campaign. I am thoroughly disgusted. Who is the real racist?!?


  2. Mary Posey says:

    I just watched Mia Love’s speech, I HEART her! She makes me want to run for office. So sad that our liberal media can’;t see beyond their own myopic agenda. They never cease to amaze me.

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