Another Dyke Fakes a Hate Crime: Time for Tough Penalties

A Nebraska lesbian is now charged with filing a false report after she faked an elaborate hate crime scenario.  Charlie Rogers, 33-years old and former University of Nebraska women’s basketball star, manufactured a dramatic hate crime hoax when she claimed that three masked men broke into her home, tied her up, carved anti-gay slurs into her body, and then set her house on fire.  To round out her despicably fraudulent soap opera, she then crawled naked to a neighbor’s front door while screaming for help.

And right on cue, the sob sisters and brothers of the sexual acronym society known as the LGBTQ were out in force conducting their vigils and demonstrations to express solidarity and support with this pathetic screwball even before the police had begun their investigations.  Now those very same gay ‘rights’ organizations, who jumped to the outrageous woe is us conclusion well before the facts were sifted, have now issued a statement declaring:

It is important not to focus on the actions of any single individual.  As residents of Lincoln we must continue to bring our community together to declare that violence and hate are not the values of our city.

What violence and hate could they be talking about, pray tell?  The only violence and hate that seems to be getting perpetrated on the innocent public these days is coming from the lesbian and gay communities.  Making fraudulent accusations against nameless straight men and perpetrating the slander that hordes of heterosexuals are committing heinous crimes against those sad little white middle-class queers, is in my book, what genuinely qualifies as a real hate crime.

And what’s with the haughtily dismissive let’s not focus on the actions of any single individual crapola?  So now that the LGBTers look like a bunch of opportunistic hysterics, the modus operandi becomes move on, nothing to see here.  But didn’t these self-appointed gay guardians zero in on the actions of three supposed perpetrators in a single supposed case of violence in an attempt to parlay this one individual incident into political payola?

All of these organized vigils and demonstrations have little to do any more with supporting supposed victims—their purpose is to forever feed that specious proposition that gays face systemic violence and oppression.  The gay movement has ceased to be about non-discrimination, instead it has become a haven for non-profit hucksterism and political graft, taking its tip-off from the Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson grease machine.

Ms. Rogers is guilty of far more than just filing a false report.  The implications of her actions go far beyond the tap-on-the-wrist of a petty misdemeanor.  The hate crime pendulum should swing both ways and jail time should await anyone who attempts to manipulate hate crime laws to paint a phony picture defaming members of other demographic groups as perpetrators of violence.

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10 Responses to Another Dyke Fakes a Hate Crime: Time for Tough Penalties

  1. Cats Meow says:

    As ever, lesbianoutsider, stating it so clearly. I agree 1000%. I AM a lesbian and I hate the stupid alphabet soup label that seems to be growing by leaps and bounds, and am embarrassed to let anyone know I’m gay (I’ve been out forever, though) because I do NOT want to be associated with the bully mob so-called “gay community.” They disgust me. Please keep up the excellent writing.

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    I am sick of the diesel dykes that are ruining things for the rest of us. I want the Bs and the Ts to not include themselves with the gays. AND I don’t want lesbians to support straight, loose women who are in continual heat AND use abortion as birth control. You straight women act like men and you think we’re masculine! Real women don’t abort!

  3. Tropical Gal says:

    As always, well written & straight to the point. We could be sisters, we think so much alike! The only difference is that since I’m hetero, when I say these things it’s considered “hate” or I just *must* be a homophobe!

    • ndjmom says:

      I agree with you Tropical Gal, same here. I live in Nebraska and the attack was all over the morning talk show circuit. I haven’t heard the back tracking yet. But I’m sure tomorrow will kick it off. There are enough victims in this world without making yourself one.

      I’m hetero, my brother is gay, (lives 1500 miles away) and yes, for a majority of his life played the victim role to a “T.” Our Mother enabled him to live in a victim state. In the past year since I’ve been his Power of Attorney, conservator & SSD payee I’ve fought to not play into his game. But continue to convince him to stand on his own two feet and take responsibility for his life. Not blame others. After almost two years results have finally begun working. It’s not been easy. But if we take to enable people to “play” the true victims won’t get justice. Former sympathetic parties will start turning away. Now I’ll get off my soap box.

      • You can climb on that soapbox any time.

        • ndjmom says:

          LOL, thanks, and BTW I heard the morning radio show here and the back peddling on the attack. The special interest groups are really trying to separate themselves from this event, yet still justifying their rallies. They don’t want to be “angry” (results in violence ????) yet the radio personalities said “I’ll be angry and mad for you then, because then we promote the truth”

          • The smart move would be for the LGBT people to openly condemn this woman’s actions, but instead they keep with the script and the pretense that gays are beaten up every other week by hideous heteros and that the police must be ever vigilant to end the ‘hate’. It’s nauseating. For now, the authorities pander to them because they’re the victim flavor of the month. But in time–the pendulum will swing once again.

      • Marcus says:

        Man, you sound like my future! I’m not currently in charge of my brother, but will be in a few years time. Which is a shame, because he needed a swift kick in the ass 40 years ago instead of all the indifferent parenting and indulgence that got him where he is today. Now we all have to deal with his and their choices.

    • As a society, we should be able to have open discussions about these things. But when a group of people are sprinkled with the holy water of saintly status, the rest of humble humanity must approach these chosen ones with bowed head and deference. Daring to question them becomes socially and politically risky.

      Well, just four years ago, Republicans ducked so many issues for fear of being tagged with the racist descriptor. But from shear overuse, that tactic has ceased to be effective. It’s become a joke. And I think that the homophobe label and the hate hustle will go the same way.

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