Sandra Fluke and Lolo Jones: Two Faces of American Eve

Two Faces of American Womanhood

One personality of the distaff form publicly declares her demand that US taxpayers fork out the dough for all her birth control, arrogantly assuming that as a single woman her sexual exploits and the cost thereof are a burden to be born by others.  This foxy female is the darling of the Democrats who have pushed the likes of Sandra Fluke as the standard-bearer for government-supported girl power.  Such a funky new feminism can be succinctly encapsulated by the new rendition of that old Helen Reddy tune, I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar—Meow.  The Flukes of the world and the modern woman’s life they espouse have given us the ultra-lubed era of the political pussy.

And then there is another face of the American Eve, a more enduring countenance proffering those silly old-fashioned virtues so out of step with the crass culture marketed today, values such as personal best, self-discipline, sexual abstinence while single, and a living belief in her Christian faith.  Lolo Jones, athletic champion, 30-year old virgin, and down-to-earth woman of principle finds herself mocked by media elites who seem somehow threatened by an attractive and accomplished single woman who leaps forth into the limelight unencumbered by the yoke of sexual sleaze and whiny victim-hood.

Ms. Fluke may be hustling on the road campaigning for the Progressive-in-Chief and the Democrats may see sexual Sandy as a big political asset to be hawk to the liberal masses, but make no mistake, it is Lolo Jones, who in her exuberant yet unassuming way, is transforming the image of American womanhood.

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6 Responses to Sandra Fluke and Lolo Jones: Two Faces of American Eve

  1. Marcus says:

    I don’t get the Fluke thing? She’s a victimhood-entitlement hustler. Why do the elite schools fill themselves with these people?

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    Over thirty years ago, I quit drinking; that’s when all my friends asked if I was too good for them. That’s what these flaming strumpets are accusing Lolo of, being too good to behave like mayonnaise, easy to spread.

    • You’re so right—the gang feels threatened when one of their own moves out of an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s basically a judgement on their own conduct.

      To think that we have arrived to this point in American life when a single woman would expect others to pay for her sexual activity. And this is supposed to be empowerment for women? What’s next–government provided tampons? And let’s not forget toilet paper–women use more than men so that’s yet another way we are so so oppressed.

      Yep, the new American liberal woman–she can’t even wipe herself without assistance.

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