Yep, It’s Romney and Ryan

America Needs R & R!

With a presidential win in November, we can now set the stage for 16 years of Republican, and generally conservative, leadership.  So this is a very exciting ticket, indeed.

How interesting that Romney turned his back on the mostly PR picks for a running mate, the ones sure to dazzle the media and play to the identity politics of gender, race, and ethnicity.  Instead, he solidified his base with a truly conservative choice but made sure that intelligence, maturity, and public presence were not left out of the equation.

In comparing the two contending teams, I would say that R & R look fresh and energized, while O & B look tired and spent. The Romney-Ryan match comes off as a dynamic duo, a solid complement of brains, dedication, and mutual trust, while Barack looks like he’s dragging along old battered baggage with Joe Biden on his ticket.

Oh, I think the conservative base is nice and motivated right about now.  So let’s get rockin and rollin.

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6 Responses to Yep, It’s Romney and Ryan

  1. Todd says:

    Romney….you had me at Obama. But I LOVE your pick for VP. This man is just great! He know just what to do to get this country going again!

  2. Mary Todd Pendergast says:

    I think this is a great choice, but I was hoping for Condaleeza Rice. I will support in any case.

    • I think she would have been a good choice as well–appealing to the female vote especially the PUMAs. Some Bush baggage though.

    • very opinionated says:

      I think Condaleeza Rice shaould have been picked for VP, but oh well. Romney should have her as Sec, of Defense.

      • I think in some ways she would have been a good choice–she’s smart with 8 years running the State Dept. Her gender and race would certainly have made her a difficult target for the Left. Romney would have covered the top two identify categories. But she was pro-abortion and had the Bush stamp all over her. It would have been exciting though.

        And you could be right on target–she may be angling for a cabinet position.

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