Gay Man Fakes Hate Crime—Another Phony Homo Hero

It’s the long hot summer of gay victim hysteria.  And the hate crime hustle that goes hand-in-hand with the homosexual hyperbole is certainly all the rage this self-serving season.

Joseph Baken, 22 years old, claimed he had been physically assaulted by evil gay haters at a local Missoula, Montana bar when he asked three of the patrons where he could find a gay hangout.  Baken also claimed that these demon white devils shouted anti-gay curses at him as they roughed him up.  Our humble little homo hero came away from that brutal attack with a cut and bruised face.  He promptly padded to the nearest police station to file a hate crime report.

But just as the orchestrated national uproar was getting underway after pictures of Baken’s battered mug were posted on Facebook, an honorable soul anonymously sent a revealing video to the Missoula police that featured Baken doing a back flip off a curb and falling on his face.  When confronted with the video,  Jo-Jo realized the jig was up.

This little punk is now charged with making a false police report.  But he should be charged with a heck of lot more than that.

By just uttering an accusation, an attention-seeking spoiled white brat can climb on board the victim gravy train to become the cooed and coddled homo hero of the moment.  And of course, such antics also stoke the lie that queer folk are facing anti-gay violence every day of their lives—if the group can keep that martyr mirage on the move, they get to garner even more social and political goodies for the gang.  For why settle for the pedestrian perks of non-discrimination when you can finagle a royal charter proclaiming your right to a regal fiefdom by virtue of your sexual orientation?

Keep lapping up the gravy, boys and girls, but watch out for the gristle.

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3 Responses to Gay Man Fakes Hate Crime—Another Phony Homo Hero

  1. very opinionated says:

    I really don’t get it.. they really need to GET A LIFE! I can’t stand how they flaunt their sexuality in everyone’s face. No wonder why poeple hate gays and lesbians these days.

  2. J Painter says:

    If being gay is the only thing you’ve got in your life, you don’t have much. As a gay person I have been a military officer, and professional pilot. I didn’t get there by being gay,but by hard work a professional integrity. These idiots who make a living being gay (Savage, Musto, ect) make us all look like fools and degrade us more than any Christian CEO.

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