The Laziest Countries: The Sovereignty of Sloth

It’s one thing to be laid back and stress free but quite another to be resistant to the notion of physical movement.  We often think of the overweight citizens in Western countries as the big screen TV couch-huggers of all time.  But it appears that people in the developed world ain’t the only folks who fancy the lazy leisure life.

The scientific journal, The Lancet, conducted a global study to determine which countries were peopled with no-go layabouts.  The results were more than a bit surprising.


20 – Bhutan: 52.3% inactive
19 – South Africa: 52.4% inactive
18 – Ireland: 53.2% inactive
17 – Italy: 54.7% inactive
16 – Cyprus: 55.4% inactive
15 – Turkey: 56.0% inactive
14 – Iraq: 58.4% inactive
13 – Namibia: 58.5% inactive
12 – Dominican Republic: 60.0% inactive
11 – Japan: 60.2% inactive
10 – Malaysia: 61.4% inactive
9 – United Arab Emirates: 62.5% inactive
8 – Britain: 63.3% inactive
7 – Kuwait: 64.5% inactive
6 – Micronesia: 66.3% inactive
5 – Argentina: 68.3% inactive
4 – Serbia: 68.3% inactive
3 – Saudi Arabia: 68.8% inactive
2 – Swaziland: 69.0% inactive
1 – Malta: 71.9% inactive

The USA came in at #46, not bad.  But the discrepancy between US women and US men was an eye-opener—only 33.5% of men were described as physically inactive compared to 47% of women.

And those profligate Greeks may be living large on the EU dole, but they are ranked as the most mobile people in the world, sporting a mere 15% of inactive adults.

Gee, I guess if you retire at the age of 35 with a full government pension, you have more than enough time to trip the light fantastic.  Or perhaps it’s all those mass demonstrations where they rant and rave over the bailout blues that help the Greeks pay their mobility dues?  But can it really be so that your financial woes will lead to a healthy life very much on the go??  Enquiring minds want to know!

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