Rahm Emanuel Plays Chicken with Chicago

Rahm Shows Us Chicago Values

(Warning: Vulgarity and Bleeped Obscenities)

Second City Network

The mayoral bloopers with regard to the Chick-fil-A matter are simply based on a total misreading of the American mindset.  Just like the Obama 2008 presidential win was misinterpreted by the progressive elites as a rip-roaring mandate for a Left-wing socialist restructuring of the American republic, these Big City Democrat dopes have stupidly surmised that bullying a business over a gay marriage personal opinion is simply the political In thing to do.  Well, surmise again, Your Honors.

And now with the overwhelming success of Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day and the abysmal failure of the Kiss-In follow-up protest by the gay marriage maniacs, will the head homosexual honchos take the hint and back down the ‘hate’ hysteria a notch or two?  Has it dawned on these confrontational clowns yet that the tar-and-feather features of their organized mob mentality have been so very highly over-played?

I think not.  And you best believe that anyone supporting the hetero definition of marriage is also secretly hoping the homosexual lobby has failed to learn its political lesson.  So send in the confrontational clowns—the gay marriage 3-ring circus is just getting under way.

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2 Responses to Rahm Emanuel Plays Chicken with Chicago

  1. Went to Chick-fil-A again today… long lines… warms the heart… while the spicy chicken warms the belly! I actually had a moment to read the bag… It says:

    “Serving Chicken And Our Community”
    In 1984, Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy established WinShape Foundation, Inc. Its goal: to help “shape winners.” Twenty-five years later, the foundation has grown into seven programs that make up WinShape Foundation.
    Three of the programs that are dedicated to that mission are:
    WinShape Homes -These homes in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Brazil provide two full-time parents and a loving, nurturing home for up to 12 children who are victims of circumstance. The program allows sibling groups to stay together, encourages college and offers a life-long relationship with their new family.
    WinShape College Program- Students who have demonstrated excellence in leadership receive a scholarship to attend Berry College in Rome GA, and receive further experiential leadership development.
    WinShape Camps- Each year, thousands of children experience camp activities either in a traditional camp setting on the campus of Berry College or in day camps in cities and towns throughout the United States.
    The WinShape Foundation allows us to share our success with the community. Sure, we eat together. More importantly, we live together.”

    Such hate!
    Made me think for the 1,000th time… WHAT THE HECK DO LOUD LEFT GAYS DO?????
    and again… I come up with nothing!

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