The Kiss-In and the Perversion of Love

Here is an interesting observation by Ann Althouse concerning the same-sex marriage Kiss-In protest held on Friday.  Keep in mind that Ms. Althouse is gay friendly and supports gay marriage.

I’m looking at pictures from the Chick-fil-A Kiss-In.   These were people who wanted to demonstrate support for same-sex marriage.  As their form of protest, they chose kissing….So the idea was, go where you think you are not loved and do something you think will upset them.

Now, restaurants generally don’t want anybody making out, so you’ve chosen behavior that would be disruptive to a restaurant’s business whether the kissing couples are same or opposite sex. The form of expression is offensive and not like the old civil rights demonstrations where Black people sat at lunch counters and were not served.  The civil rights sitters-in behaved like ordinary customers, causing the store to behave in a way that onlookers could see was ugly.   But since a straight couple doesn’t go to a restaurant and stand around kissing without buying anything, the 2 men are not demonstrating sameness, but difference.

And it’s displaying hostility with kissing. So what have they done? They’ve perverted kissing, which should be an expression of love.   Ironic, considering that the gay rights movement seeks to dispel the belief that homosexuality is perverted.  Althouse

Too many gays are attempting to have their cake and eat it too (excuse the pun), wanting to remain as odd outliers immersed in a gay counter-culture while simultaneously insisting on the granting of just one of the crowd credentials.

Friday’s faltering Chick-fil-A exhibition made it clear that for some lesbians and gays, the urge to thumb their noses at the stodgy old grownups outweighs their supposed need for mainstream assimilation.

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4 Responses to The Kiss-In and the Perversion of Love

  1. very opinionated says:

    I believe that the gay left is somehow overcompunsating for something..don’t ya think?

  2. In my mind this behavior is exactly the same as the behavior of the Westboro Baptist Church idiots with their “God hates fags” signs. This is a group of people wanting to control everyone else’s thoughts and opinions and they are saying either agree with me or have my ideology jammed down your throat. They want a society that walks in complete ideological lockstep with them. If liberals were honest with themselves they would see this behavior for what it is: totalitarianism in the name of sexual ideology. The same totalitarianism the Westboro idiots demonstrate in the name of their peculiar brand of Christianity and Islam demonstrates in the name of whatever it is they profess (I suppose it would depend upon which fatwa you were reading at which time).

    • I agree. And an added thought…there is much that goes on in the gay community that is far from healthy either physically or emotionally and that reality is not lost on those who participate in its sub-culture, whether they admit it or not. Much of the ‘shut em up’ strategy is motivated, not just by political maneuvering, but by self-doubt—if not about their sexual orientation, then certainly about the lifestyle that seems to go with it.

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