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Bill Clinton and Sandra Fluke, Together At Last

Bill Clinton and Sandra Fluke will both be at the Democrat Convention next week. Hooray! Time to break out the cigars! Continue reading

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2016: Obama’s America—Dreams of the Yesterday Man

This November, America will indeed vote to move the country forward but it won’t be the back-to-the-future brand of anti-American socialism touted by the sloganeering Obama campaign that will win the electoral nod. After what we have seen at the Republican Convention this week, it’s pretty plain that the college dorm drug-induced dreams of the white Lefty Boomer establishment have just met their Lake Wobegon Waterloo. Continue reading

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Clint Eastwood Sums Up the Obama Era

Clint Eastwood’s most favorite movie quotes seem to go so very well with the backward banality of the Barack Obama years. Go ahead, Clint, make my day! Continue reading

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MSNBC Finishes Dead Last in the Convention Ratings

The viewer stats for the first night of the Republican Convention are in and bringing up the rear is none other than the back-end boys of MSNBC. Continue reading

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Yahoo! News Editor Fired Over ‘Black People Drowning’ Comment

The Washington Bureau Chief for Yahoo! News was fired today for his hateful comment directed at Republicans, a comment that was made live during coverage of the Republican National Convention. Not realizing he was close to a hot mic, David Chalian made the following slur which brought amused laughter from his colleagues: “They are happy to have a party with black people drowning.”
Continue reading

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Mia Love and Other Minorities Blacked Out at MSNBC

If you were watching the Republican National Convention over at the MSNBC Democrat plantation, you wouldn’t have seen nor heard the speeches of Black or Latino Republicans. Such uppity minorities who dare to thumb their noses at the Democrat’s grievance grindstone are a growing threat to the progressive party line and therefore must be blacked out by the white liberal elites running the political showbiz at MSNBC. Continue reading

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Code Pink’s Vagina Men

There’s nothing that shouts male sex appeal like the grotesque sight of two grown men struggling to encase themselves in costumes of flaming pink plastic vaginas. These valiant progressive eunuchs of the Code Pink Crotch Cotillion are ready, willing, and somewhat able to present themselves to the whole wide world dressed in the decorative display of pussy plumage. Continue reading

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Democrat Men for Romney—Yes, We Can Play the Game Too

These guys will vote for Romney in November, over and over and over again—because some of those old Democrat habits are just too hard to break. Continue reading

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Scott Brown Leading Pocahontas in Polls

Two polls show Scott Brown leading Harvard’s academic darling, Elizabeth Warren, by 5% and 6%. This is very good news for Republicans after they have had to endure a week of Todd Akin angst. So it would appear that the Democrats’ answer to how ambitious white Left-wing biatches can game the affirmative action wheel of fortune is stumbling along under the cover of the Martha Coakley curse. Continue reading

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Mitt in Michigan: Born in the USA

Did you notice the two sisters of the cloth who were members of the admiring audience? How nice to see REAL Daughters of the Church publicly partaking of the political process and applauding for the Republican candidate for President. Continue reading

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Test of Fire: Catholics Called to Witness

I think the video makes it pretty clear what voting for one’s conscience means for the Catholic Church and that is obviously a vote for Romney. Of course, all us queers are supposed to scream Hate, Hate, Hate, because the video calls for a reinforcement of marriage and not a redefinition of the institution. But quite frankly, after starting out as a gay marriage supporter, I have come to the hard-bitten conclusion that supporting traditional marriage is a commonsense thing to do. Continue reading

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Another Dyke Fakes a Hate Crime: Time for Tough Penalties

The only violence and hate that seems to be getting perpetrated on the innocent public these days is coming from the lesbian and gay communities. Making fraudulent accusations against nameless straight men and perpetrating the slander that hordes of heterosexuals are committing heinous crimes against those sad little white middle-class queers, is in my book, what genuinely qualifies as a real hate crime. Continue reading

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Hit the Road, Barack—Says Newsweek?

The fact that Tina Brown, Editor-in-Chief of Newsweek and the Daily Beast, has placed this photo with this caption on the cover of her Lefty publication pretty much sums up the extent of the liberal frustration at this inept and unqualified fraud. Continue reading

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British Support Muslim Polygamy With Welfare Payments

In our modern heyday of Third World victims and the veneration of their barbarically medieval mores by silly White progressives, not only has a very bleary British blind eye been turned to the multiple couplings of Muslim men, but the UK welfare system is actually supporting Muslim male polygamy with nice fat taxpayer-provided payments. Continue reading

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Sandra Fluke and Lolo Jones: Two Faces of American Eve

Ms. Fluke may be hustling on the road campaigning for the Progressive-in-Chief and the Democrats may see sexual Sandy as a big political asset to be hawk to the liberal masses, but make no mistake, it is Lolo Jones, who in her exuberant yet unassuming way, is transforming the image of American womanhood. Continue reading

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The Bad Obama Ads Ain’t Working

Do we deserve better? Oh, yes we do! Continue reading

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Yep, It’s Romney and Ryan

America needs R & R! How interesting that Romney turned his back on the mostly PR picks for a running mate, the ones sure to dazzle the media and play to the identity politics of gender, race, and ethnicity. Instead, he solidified his base with a truly conservative choice but made sure that intelligence, maturity, and public presence were not left out of the equation. Continue reading

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Who Stands for Religious Freedom?

If you support religious freedom, the choice is clear. Continue reading

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Gay Man Fakes Hate Crime—Another Phony Homo Hero

It’s the long hot summer of gay victim hysteria. And the hate crime hustle that goes hand-in-hand with the homosexual hyperbole is certainly all the rage this self-serving season. Continue reading

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Aborigines Tell the Left: We Are Not Museum Pieces

Down under in the vast open space that is Australia, there has been an ongoing controversy over the right of aboriginal people to develop their land. In the Kimberley region of Western Australia, the native people have successfully negotiated to have a gas plant built along a section of their shoreline. The plant will bring jobs, housing, schools, etc. for a total package worth $1.5 billion for the aborigines. Sounds like a great deal, but…. Continue reading

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The Laziest Countries: The Sovereignty of Sloth

It’s one thing to be laid back and stress free but quite another to be resistant to the notion of physical movement. We often think of the overweight citizens in Western countries as the big screen TV couch-huggers of all time but it appears that people in the developed world ain’t the only folks who fancy the lazy leisure life. Continue reading

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Of Barking Vaginas and Tantrum Tactics

From the failed boycott of the state of Arizona for daring to require ID from those crossing the path of the police, to the failed Wisconsin recall election of Scott Brown pushed by over-paid unionized employees, to the failed public park takeovers of the moronic Occupy movement, to the failed attempt to censure radio’s Rush Limbaugh for daring to slutify a sexually active female freeloader, to the failed gay gangster beat-down of the Chick-fil-A fast food franchise—the organized Mafia-like mob of the hard Left has found itself faced with many whopping failures over the past few years. Could it be that the confrontational tantrum tactics of the oh so faux tolerance toadies have lost their political punch? Continue reading

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Woman with Gun—Robbers Run

These oh so macho men thought they had an easy target until out of nowhere they received a couple of blasts of retribution. Just goes to show that even a 65-year old woman can hold her own when confronted by 5 male thugs, as long as the great equalizer is at her side. Continue reading

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The Kiss-In and the Perversion of Love

Too many gays are attempting to have their cake and eat it too (excuse the pun), wanting to remain as odd outliers immersed in a gay counter-culture while simultaneously insisting on the granting of just one of the crowd credentials. Friday’s faltering Chick-fil-A exhibition made it clear that for some lesbians and gays, the urge to thumb their noses at the stodgy old grownups outweighs their supposed need for mainstream assimilation. Continue reading

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Rahm Emanuel Plays Chicken with Chicago

The mayoral bloopers with regard to the Chick-fil-A matter are simply based on a total misreading of the American mindset. Just like the Obama 2008 presidential win was misinterpreted by the progressive elites as a rip-roaring mandate for a Left-wing socialist restructuring of the American republic, these Big City Democrat dopes have stupidly surmised that bullying a business over a gay marriage personal opinion is simply the political In thing to do. Well, surmise again, Your Honors. Continue reading

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