Olympic Winners Come Out for Romney

Three Gold Medal winners from past Winter Olympics appear in the latest Romney for President promotion.  Kristi Yamaguchi (Figure Skating), Derek Parra (Speed Skating), and Jimmy Shea (Skeleton Racing) all go to the mat for Mitt.

And by the way, Kristi looks terrific.

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2 Responses to Olympic Winners Come Out for Romney

  1. wisebeyond says:

    I liked that ad a lot!!! I have been hearing many hilarious comments regarding the socialist-opening ceremonies. I am going to sit that portion out next time for sure! Watching Restoring Love was my first choice… that is the only reason I didn’t watch. It is a shame that this isn’t about the atheletes … so much progressivism every where you look… Good thing I have my decoder ring… they always make it so squishy soft sounding… that is when it isn’t delivered nasty out-loud! (The reverends).

    I saw an Obama/Biden bumper sticker today… so there is one car that didn’t participate in the cash for clunkers! I was surprised he was able to drive the car… as I am sure his head is still up his… nevermind!

    • Yeah, it’s gotten too political and mushy. I mean a tribute to the National Health Service?? My god, they ration care and let old people die rather than treat them.

      I’ve only seen one Obama sticker for 2012 so far. I think even for the faithful, the thrill is very much gone.

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