Elizabeth Warren and Her Very White World of Diversity

Elizabeth Warren—the Harvard Hands-Around-the-Globe Diversity Queen can’t seem to find campaign staff that represent her wonderful world of multicultural inclusiveness.  Here is Princess Pocahontas at her headquarters with her very gullible groupies who for some strange reason all seem to look just like her.

But let’s be fair now—I see a Black guy over on the left of the photo, and even though the rest of these snookered Yuppies are standard White Bread Ruling Class types, it could very well be possible that some of these giddy boys and girls might turn out to be phantom Indian Americans just like their boss.

For certainly, as the highly acclaimed halls of Harvard University have made academically clear to us less enlightened peasants, self-identified minorities are today’s new underprivileged populations of oppression.  So we could actually be looking at a room full of racial-bending, class-unconscious closet queers.  Who knew?!

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