Joe Paterno Bites the Dust at Penn State

Down for the Count

At dawn this Sunday morning, as most of the Penn State University college kids were sleeping through their Saturday night hang-overs, a work crew arrived at the entrance to Beaver Stadium and hustled off the Joe Paterno statue to parts unknown.  Under the protection of 30 police officers in addition to campus security, the crew erected scaffolding around the statue to block their dirty deed from glaring eyes.  They then jackhammered the bronze statue from its plinth and quickly muscled it into a nearby flatbed truck.

The work crew threw a cloth over the Paterno image in an attempt to shield it from public view as they carted it off to the awaiting truck.  But from the above photo, it looks like JoePa is giving his usual victory gesture despite the ignominious snatch and grab.  Or maybe he’s actually giving them all the finger.

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1 Response to Joe Paterno Bites the Dust at Penn State

  1. Mary Todd Pendergast says:

    Now that all the innocents have been destroyed, whatever will they do to keep busy.

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