Welfare is Sexy—And Europe Leads the Way

The Welfare Weltensicht

Welfare is Sexy as the Graffiti Gangsters declare in this European waterfront frieze.  Well, I’m sure the state’s Sozialhilfe has enabled many of these vandals to keep up with their amateur art work.  After all, isn’t it the fickle fate of the genuinely creative classes to subsidize the chronically sub-par performance of the fraudulent and the fake?

These sad socialistic creatures can only scribble on the sturdy structures built by better men than they.

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2 Responses to Welfare is Sexy—And Europe Leads the Way

  1. KylaB says:

    Since moving to London two years ago, I’ve come to realise what a blessing it is to grow up in a Republic. I’m from South Africa. Here in the UK, and particularly in London, you see constant abuses of the benefits systems. Many immigrants and locals come here and get on the system and seldom get off. It costs a fortune and it cannot be maintained. I hate benefits.
    In South Africa, where we do not have a benefits system, I have seen dirt poor blacks eek out a living by selling food on the side of the street. It’s not easy, but at least they’re trying. Here it’s too easy not to try.

    • Yep, you’re right. There is a gigantic difference between offering a helping hand and providing a life time of welfare. It does become too too easy not to try.

      Thanks for your perspective.

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