Put an American Back in the White House

We Built It!

Obama—that spoiled, cosseted, free-loading, Democrat Machine flim-flam man needs to have his lazy and unaccomplished affirmative action ass booted out of the Oval Office.  And come November, that is exactly what the hard-working, creative, risk-taking citizens—the Builders of America—are gona do.

The Choice is Clear: Romney 2012

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6 Responses to Put an American Back in the White House

  1. Mary Todd Pendergast says:

    While I agree with the post in spirit, and think the writing is clever, I hate to see conservatives call names. That is the hypocritical habit of our nemeses on the left. It is enough to say that his policies, that is Obama’s, don’t work and just scare the hell out of many of us. His citizen of the world facade, designed to ingratiate him to the world doesn’t seem to have worked either. He is an angry man and I fear his anger is directed inward toward his own countrymen and women. Sorry about the PC. Attack his policies over and over and hopefully the message will get through so that in November we can be free again from government interference..

    • Well, there are various tactics one can use in the political boxing ring, Mary, and I guess you have your take on the rules for the match and I have mine.

      If we inhabited a perfect political arena where we all acted like ladies and gentlemen and played by the Marquis of Queensbury rules, then I think your approach would have merit. But when we face an enemy that plays so rough and dirty and when there is so very much at stake for our country, we better be prepared to take off the polite gloves of intellectual debate and instead slip on some brass knuckles and swing swing away.

      And that is what I intend to do.

  2. A.Men says:

    Love it!

    An American back in the White House 2012!

  3. Paula says:


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