Obama Punching Bag—Take Your Best Shot!

Pop This Sucker!

The Obama punching bag was displayed outside the Republican Party tent at the Indiana State Fair in Muncie.  The bag was removed after a couple of fair-goers complained about it, including one who was identified as a Republican.  Somehow I have a sneaky feeling that one Republican killjoy was none other than John McCain.

The reactions to this story over at Politico have been hilarious.  The Lefties are aghast that Republicans would dare to disrespect their sainted black president while the reality-based commenters have been quick to point out the hypocrisy of these liberal Left sycophants given the eight years of hysterical Bush-bashing that these little trolls engaged in.

Some highlights:

  • You Liberals are hilarious. You complain about decency and showing Obama respect?  Where were you from January of 2001 until January of 2009 when the left did the same to Bush?

  • This is still America and we can do what we want.  If a punching bag offends you, good, you deserve to be offended for electing an unaccomplished son of a foreign-born communist bigamist drunk.

  • Wow, the Democrat Party of Hate and Hypocrisy is worked up over a little blow up doll of President Downgrade???  Good God people, put on your big girl panties and get a life.

  • I recall Democrats hanged Bush and Palin in effigy, but I’m supposed to respect their Marxist Kenyan clown?  Fat chance. Democrats just can’t admit they elected an empty suit socialist who clearly hates his country and its founding.

And my favorite…

  • What a bunch of hypocrite pussies, the Obamaniks are.  Bush’s severed head can be stuck on a spike, they can make books and movies on how to assassinate him (which they duly award themselves for), but they can’t handle a single, cartoonish punching bag?  Get a life, you a-holz.  GET…A…FRICKIN’…LIFE.

    Just because Obama’s (half) black and you’re still self-flagellating at the altar of White guilt doesn’t mean that silly little man’s untouchable.

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12 Responses to Obama Punching Bag—Take Your Best Shot!

  1. ndjmom says:

    Love your blog, really need to get back here more often. Two Chick-A-Fil-A’s are opening in the Omaha area. I’ll be they will be mobbed.

    • I hope they’ll be mobbed too. I’ll be there on Wednesday.

      • I am taking a friend to Chick-Fil-A Tuesday … I may return Wednesday … Just can’t help myself. Thinking about buying a couple cases of baby formula too! I think Bloomberg makes the voters in NYC look like the worlds clowns. Wonder exactly it will take for them to see what we see. Maybe he should take away their Freedom? Oh … There is THAT… Their liberty? Oops… Their Constitution … Dang… Maybe their thoughts!? Now there we go… Stay tuned!

      • It’s not like Mr Cathy ‘built’ that place! Why would the left boycot something THEY built? Weirdos!

  2. veryopinionated25 says:

    Sorry to hear that Perry Palmer.. that is horrible. Why are liberals so mean when they claim they are so nice and they are open-minded?

  3. wisebeyond says:

    Let’s see … how about changing ‘liberal’… to ” LIAR ” Living In Another Reality ??

    [on a side note… Just got back from Chick-Fil-A … I am in love… Spicy Chicken sandwich with pickles… where have these been my whole life!??]

    Heard that the “LIAR’s” want to use what happened in CO as a reason to get rid of talk radio… because Rush talked about the movie on his show. On that note… (It was really hard to get myself to walk in that opinion)… however…this is my conclusion… Let’s get rid of Hollywood… lets take their money because they are too dangerous… lets give that money to all the people that need more of other people’s money!!! aka ‘lil LIAR’s’ .

    • Went to Chick-fil-A for lunch today–got there around 1:15 and it was mobbed. Gee, that big bad boycott is really working, NOT.

      LIAR sounds good, and yes, right on cue the Democrat media jumping to blame the Tea Party, Limbaugh, et al for the shooting. Really pathetic, isn’t it? They don’t give a shit about the people killed–instead, they’re licking their chops in the hope they can find any disjointed piece of unrelated information to concoct their anti-Tea Party and anti-conservative meme.

      But I think every time they go this route they lose a little more of the electorate. Their schtick is old and tired and very transparent. They don’t have the power they used to.

  4. MDinLA says:

    sheesh it’s not like they painted a red target on his face or chest, hell they even gave him boxing gloves so the wimping cartoonish obama could fight back. This is a war we are fighting fir crying out load.

  5. Perry Palmer says:

    I know I won’t put any kind of Romney message on my car or in my yard because the “oh, so kind Liberals” would burn down my house or dent my car. They are just that way.

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