The Business World vs The Ivory Tower

The Successful Businessman vs The Affirmative Action Pseudo-Academic

The Obama Boob Has Got to Go


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11 Responses to The Business World vs The Ivory Tower

  1. Hyatt hotel owner… Big Obama supporter.. Pass it on!

    • How any business owner could possibly support this man is mind-boggling. Stupidity can be found anywhere.

      • wisebeyond says:

        I wish I knew the answer to that… businesses that are on the wrong side of freedom are more dangerous than the crayon media…those ‘educated idiots’ who are just starting out and are following the bouncing ball because they have no idea how to lead .

        I read something today I am going to attempt to quote… “our generation has been the most derelict with our duty to preserve this country’s freedom and liberty for the next generation”
        I am ashamed of how little I have done until now.

  2. People with God in their heart do not “open fire” in public places. Let’s bring God back to our children! They deserve NOTHING LESS!

  3. Arthur Galvin says:

    obama insults every American, we see it but most of the left wingers are just too brainwashed to see it themselves. I fear our future.

    • That it has gotten to this point, Artie, is really scary. We have to break the Left’s stranglehold over our culture, our values, or we’ll end up with an electorate voting for ever bigger government and its intrusive policies.

  4. Mary Posey says:

    Boob is right! I was sooooo pissed off when I heard this latest diatribe from our moron in chief! I am a small business owner, we have yet to draw a paycheck, I work a second job to make our mortgage and put food on the table (we can;t live on cookies!) What a freaking insult. I don;t see the government helping me and my family out at this point. In fact it is the opposite. I still can;t believe we elected this idiot!

    • It doesn’t matter that all of our tax dollars pay for the infrastructure that President Idiot keeps using as an excuse to rob entrepreneurs and investors of their rightful gain….this Marxist jerk, who has never worked in the real world, who was schooled in expensive private institutions, who got into Ivy League think holes he attended by the color of his skin, and who has nothing but contempt for the very country that has given him everything, believes that a governmental bureaucracy run by elites is the only way forward for America.

      So unfortunately, Mary, when your business starts to make a profit, you won’t be entitled to any of it….it’s the new American Soviet way.

  5. Perry Palmer says:

    O-bomb-a, O-bomb-a, O-bomb-a! Why didn’t we think of this spelling before? 😀 If you thought you did it on your own, well, you didn’t. O-bomb-a had spoken.

    • One only had to look at the people in his audience to see why they were all applauding him….people who for the most part have never built anything in their lives, let alone a major business enterprise that could create hundreds/thousands of jobs for our economy.

      Mr O is correct, but not in the way he thinks…major businesses do not succeed exclusively through the acumen of their boardroom, they succeed through the initiative and hard work of their employees, through the strategic skill sets of their management, and through the capital investment of their stockholders. It’s called Capitalism.

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