Iranian Women, Then and Now

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the keynote speaker at the Women and Islamic Awakening Conference held in Tehran.  This two-day tour de force for the femme fatales of Muslim activism featured workshops that strictly reinforced the crucial role these dames play in maintaining the hegemony of jumped-up jerks like the one featured in the photo below.

Mahmoud and His Body Bag Harem.

Awakening conference.  More like a nightmare from hell.

A commenter at Gateway Pundit had a couple of great new workshop suggestions to help round out the whole Islamist experience for these damned damsels.  What do you think of these ideas?

  • Embrace and Marry Your Rapist(s) – Turning a Liability into an Asset

  • The Most Effective and Seductive Bomb Belt – Women on the Causeway for #@$%#

  • Getting Stoned for Mohammed – A New and Original, Spiritual Approach

And just to provide a little reality check here as to the direction Muslim cultures are driving their women, here are two shots of young college students from the 1970s right before Iran’s Islamic ‘revolution’.

Then and Now—Women on the Move, but unfortunately, not headed in the direction of Modernity.

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10 Responses to Iranian Women, Then and Now

  1. Mary Posey says:

    I don’t remember if I ever sent you this article, but worth the read in light of this post!

    • A very powerful article, Mary. Especially due to the fact that it’s written by a woman who initially opposed banning the burqa. The author effectively cuts through the multicultural BS:

      “The burqa is simply the extreme point on the continuum of veiling, and all forced veiling is not only an abomination, but contagious: Unless it is stopped, the natural tendency of this practice is to spread, for veiling is a political symbol as well as a religious one, and that symbol is of a dynamic, totalitarian ideology that has set its sights on Europe and will not be content until every woman on the planet is humbled, submissive, silent, and enslaved.”

      • Mary Posey says:

        Yes it is, and it also changed the way I thought about burquas.

        “Veiling cannot be disambiguated from the problem of Islam’s conception of women, and this conception is directly tied to gender apartheid and the subjugation and abuse of women throughout the Islamic world, the greatest human-rights problem on the planet, bar none.”

        I have always said that I feel so fortunate I was born a female in this country! Sharia law and all it’s scourge on our way of life cannot be tolerated, ever!

        United we must stand.

  2. Kristy says:

    I truly had no idea that this had transpired in my lifetime. I had always assumed the clothing was some ancient tradition.

  3. Mary says:

    Wow that is all I can say. That is such a sad, stark, horrific contrast. I showed this post to a co-worker last night and said this is the REAL war on women.

  4. The first thing that struck me was all the happy faces in the top picture.

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