Gay Marriage: The Love That Won’t Shut the F-UP

My current sentiments concerning the entire topic of gay marriage can be succinctly summed up in the following quote:

Once upon a time they called homosexuality “the love that dare not speak its name.”  Now it’s become the love that won’t shut the f___ up.  Felix, Taki Magazine

Oh, how very true.  And the farcical fawning of the me–too media, America’s cultural bootlickers extraordinaire, helping to rub the gay marriage marathon into America’s tired and overexposed orbs 24/7—it’s Indoctrination TV at its very best.

And the moronic aping of heterosexual marriage mores….Frankly, the whole clamoring gay marriage hate campaign hell-bent on mimicking the straight matrimonial meme comically resembles a Monty Python parody.  I mean, come on—husband/husband and wife/wife??  My gosh, if the only way you can find legitimacy for your mating match is to base your commitment on a rigid heterosexual model never meant to encompass homosexual unions, what the heck does that really say about the pretext and pretensions of your relationship?

A gay community that has been quite successful at inventing, developing, and organizing queer consciousness separate and apart from heterosexual culture now wants to pretend it’s so so straight.  Well, I’ve seen some drag shows in my time, but this one really takes the fake.

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19 Responses to Gay Marriage: The Love That Won’t Shut the F-UP

  1. Title of new series … 50 Shades of Shut The F-Up

  2. Paula says:

    Thanks for this, and the commentary. Good stuff and very. . . affirming!

    • Thanks, Erin. I did see the article. I especially liked the author’s comment: “What I find more disturbing than the militant gay agenda and religious righteousness is the fact that we are fertilizing kids in a dish when so many children are already hungry, homeless, and ignorant.”

      Test tube babies and sperm bank daddies–now there’s a topic just ripe for a future rant.

  3. Mary Todd Pendergast says:

    Wedding dress was $90 and had been left over from a fashion show at Gimbels, had no money for a three day honeymoon, but got money at the reception, of button sandwiches and church was free. It is a warm memory. It is not about what it’s called but about commitment to a long term relationship. Great conversation. Thanks.

  4. wiccapundit says:

    I have many gay and lesbian friends who live their lives quietly and who don’t wear who they are like a chip on the shoulder. They are good people, and they have good lives together. I’ve never understood the fixation of some gays on gaining control of the term “marriage.” All of the legal incidents of marriage that are important to gays are already available. Want to have your partner attending you in the hospital and handling your health care decisions? Use a health-care power of attorney, which the hospital must abide by. Want to own property with your partner and devise it as you wish upon your death? Hold title as joint tenants with right of survivorship, so that at one’s death the other takes title without having to go through probate. Want your partner to be on your insurance? Most jurisdictions (and employers of any size) already recognize “domestic partnership benefits.” Gays who clamor for “marriage” will have to deal with the downsides that come with the word: divorce, alimony, property settlement, child support, etc.

    I have no problem with people sharing their lives with whomever they want. But I agree with you: why should gays try to shoehorn themselves into a structure that was never designed to accommodate their choice?

    Personally, I think the State’s role should be limited to being a registry of people’s voluntarily assumed contractual arrangements. Gay or straight, once you decide to commit, you register your choice as your public affirmation of the assumption of certain rights, duties and obligations with another person as a contractual matter that the law will recognize. The ceremony should be between you and your church, if you choose.

    Your well-considered thoughts on this subject are appreciated by this straight man and his wife.

    • Thanks for your comments on this topic–the more open discussion we have on gay marriage the better.

      My own feelings on this subject have basically undergone a 180 degree turnaround in great part due to the shutdown of contrary opinions and the hateful demonization of anyone opposing this agenda by the gay marriage camp.

    • frank straight-rights says:

      What a refreshingly honest assessment. I wish more people like you would go into poitics and the media.

  5. Mary Todd Pendergast says:

    It is high time that there is a voice for sanity in the marriage thing. Why marriage? As you say who would want to enter into something that straight people do so badly. By the way, my husband and I are freaks in the marriage department as we have been married for 48 years and that is to the same person, but hey, what do we know?.

    • Congratulations, Mary. Making a life-time commitment today is getting to be a rare thing.

      I think it’s interesting that as couples have put more and more into the wedding ceremony and the honeymoon in the way of pomp, circumstance, and money, the marriage contract has become more and more tentative and temporary.

  6. very opinionated says:

    This whole Gay Marriage thing is stupid! And you’re right..I believe that the gays and lesbians in the mainstream are overcompusating for their relationships. If they are so “comfortable” with themselves and their relationships( in which they are not) then why the hell are they pushing it down straights and gays throats? STOP with insamity already!

  7. Perry Palmer says:

    Boy, do I agree! I cringe when I hear about Barney Frank’s “husband” and some lesbian’s “wife”. It’s just plain broken, this thinking. Everybody getting “Precious Moments-eyes” talking about gay marriage makes me gag. Why can’t the queers be happy they are alive, get a hobby and leave the marriage to the straight people who abuse it anyway, since they, too, now live like gays with their “musical beds”?

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