Summer Olympics Features Anti-Aircraft Missiles on Residential Rooftops

When your government feels the need to place anti-aircraft missiles on top of your humble home in order to provide adequate security for a sporting event, wouldn’t you say it might be time to voice this commonsense query:

Why the Hell Are We Doing This???

The British government confirmed Tuesday that it had placed missile batteries at six sites around London in advance of the upcoming Summer Olympics, including atop two apartment buildings where residents had previously expressed reservations about hosting the anti-aircraft weapons.

Said Defense Secretary Hammond, “A small number of activists object to the deployment of these defensive measures and a legal challenge to the Government’s decision to deploy … has been initiated. The Ministry of Defense will defend these proceedings vigorously and is confident of defeating them.”

Our focus is to deliver Olympic and Paralympic Games that London, the U.K. and the world can enjoy,” said Home Secretary Theresa May. “This is the biggest sporting event in the world, and with that comes the huge responsibility to deliver it safely and securely. … We will leave nothing to chance.   Yahoo News

We will leave nothing to chanceSo get over it! you unpatriotic ‘activists’.  This is a once in a generation event and if your glorious government feels the need to put missiles atop your family’s abode, well belt up and be British.

The evil ‘activists’ who are throwing cold water on the generalized hoopla of Summer Olympics fever, just happen to be some ordinary babes and blokes living in the East London neighborhoods that are now forcibly hosting anti-aircraft missiles on their rooftops.  These folks have legitimate concerns about their families’ safety.  But hey, it’s only East London, mate.  You know, where the working classes abide.  It’s not as if the missiles were situated in any snooty snotty upper class section of the city.  So why worry?

Don’t mean to be a party-pooper here when it comes to the Olympics, but haven’t we over-hyped this media extravaganza just a wee bit?  I’m all for never giving in to potential terrorist intimidation, but when you have to place missiles in residential areas, ain’t it time to rethink all the athletic fun?

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3 Responses to Summer Olympics Features Anti-Aircraft Missiles on Residential Rooftops

  1. wisebeyond says:

    My initial feeling is this… With all the participation trophies given to little lazy brats… it is refreshing to see so many striving to beat their own personal best. Hard work is an understatement… I applaud their efforts… admire their strength… and wish them all the best with their goals. This post is a good example of Governments yuck up any water they dip their toe in. Their endless need for all the money and power sickens those of us willing to see them for the evil they are. Terroist’s attack because Governments allow it to continue… Governments big or small use our fear against us DAILY… Olympics or no Olympics… we allow them to change the reason Du’jour

    • Perry Palmer says:

      You are correct. I’m glad we have a few champions going to the Olympics. Most kids these days think if they can’t be a pro, they’ll just do drugs, smoke pot or get drunk. Missy Franklin, a student from Regis Jesuit High School in Aurora, Colorado, is a sure winner. She is so articulate and nice AND six-feet-one with a size 13 shoe, she will give the world a real race. She’s on tap to win seven gold medals. GO, MISSY!

    • Agreed–genuine talent and hard work. But why is so much emphasis placed on this one major sporting event? Do the Olympics really determine the best overall athlete in a particular sport when so many other determinates come into play like the timing and injuries? Or is it the overall performance in all the other competitions throughout the year that really determine the best athlete?

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