Another Lesbian Hate Crime Hoax

What’s a girl to do when she’s feeling down and blue?  Well, if you’re a sorry-assed, attention-seeking sad sack lesbian wasting away her young life at one of America’s Left-wing universities, your quick fix formula to guaranteed friends and fame is simply to play the gay hate crime game.

And that’s exactly what Alexandra Pennell, one time student at Central Connecticut State University decided to do.  And her down and dirty victim-hood gambit to gain that sought after star-spangled status worked so wonderfully well….for awhile that is.

The day Alexandra Pennell addressed an anti-hate rally at Central Connecticut State University about the anti-gay messages scrawled on her door, police had begun to question her claims.

Twice the video surveillance system placed in Pennell’s room to help police identify the person responsible for scrawling the notes had been disabled, in one case just before a note was slid under Pennell’s dorm room door.

Police say only after they set up a second camera in a hall closet — a camera that Pennell did not know about — did they learn the truth: Pennell had been writing the notes herself.

The 19-year-old from Trumbull has been thrown out of the university and barred from attending any state university for five years. She also faces eight felony counts of fabricating evidence, eight misdemeanor charges of lying to police, eight misdemeanor counts of filing a false police report and one count of making a false statement to police.  Hartford Courant

This twisted sister had the chutzpah to address an ‘anti-hate’ rally attended by hundreds of students.  Notice the knee-jerk college campus reaction from these overgrown children who jumped at the chance to chant their favorite pseudo-Marxist mantra: Racism, Sexism, Homophobia!

Over at Inside Higher Education, there were some insightful comments about this pathetic hoax.  Here are the best:

1. “If there wasn’t an incentive to be a victim to gain sympathy and be the center of attention at massive rallies held by PC advocacy groups offering unquestioning support of certain people over others based on superficial characteristics, there’d be fewer of these types of hoaxes. This is very similar to the type of piling on and unquestioned assumptions based on PC narratives of who victims are and who perpetrators are that came from the advocacy communities on campus during the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax. That narrative was Privileged, Evil White Male Violent Athletes vs Woman of Color trying to make it in Racist Amerikka.  When the truth was closer to Immature Jocks of Various Backgrounds vs Mentally Disturbed Stripper Who Frequently Lies to the Police.

These assumptions are based on the cultural Marxist notions that are popular at Inside Higher Education of oppressor/oppressed that posits certain people are always victims of other certain people, based on skin color, sexuality or genitalia.

The culmination of this type of sloppy thinking is the “scholarship” of what are called “Angry” or “Grievance Studies” programs by critics, that award degrees for parroting the Party Line about White Male Oppressors and racist/sexist/homophobes. One has to merely see the headlines on articles published here at Inside Higher Education to see that the academy is shot through with these assumptions.”

2. “When modern society has exalted victim-hood, people will naturally aspire to it, and will use any means, ethical or not, to achieve it.”

3. “You would think if this sort of bullying were such a great problem you wouldn’t have so many people having to manufacture examples of it.”

I’m quite pleased that the university expelled Ms. Pennell and that she is now banned from Connecticut state university campuses for five years.  And those criminal convictions will look real nice on her next college application.

The victim-hood prima donna, the grandstanding manufactured gay martyr has learned a needed life lesson not usually taught in today’s academe.

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10 Responses to Another Lesbian Hate Crime Hoax

  1. Paula says:

    Gay is in. Yeah, that’s what I thought in the 80s. I felt perfectly fine back then, as a young 20something. The worst case of bashing I heard then was being called “dyke!” to which I may have replied, damned right mo fo! It’s all so comical now.

  2. wisebeyond says:

    Wow… how did I miss this post??? Sometimes I am amazed that I am still a lesbian… or that I am willing to admit it. Funny how the liberal universities grow ’em then dump ’em. I wish they would keep their own trash it is nice knowing that ‘by day they are hidden away’ … all tucked in at their desks ready to be programmed!
    Personally I hate that “Gay is IN” … we the ‘normal’ have so much damage control ahead of us.

  3. Perry Palmer says:

    Another wonderful stereotype dyke. “That’s MIZZZ Diesel Dyke to you.” I am sick of seeing them. They have nothing to add and are a waste of skin. Send them to Cuba where they can really have all they want. How about drafting them? That’ll fix ’em. Ooh, that made me mad.

    • Mizzz Diesel Dyke—you made me laugh, Perry.

      These college brats have it MADE! And yet, they are suckled on all that victim drivel. Well, if Elizabeth Warren can stand in front of America and declare she is Native American, I guess Middle Class White Men and Women can claim to be oppressed.

      The only thing oppressing Ms. Pennell is her character.

  4. veryopinionated25 says:

    Also.. i am very surprised but happy that they expelled her at all!

    • Yes, I was surprised too. I was sure there would be all kinds of excuses made for her–her age, and of course, her sexual orientation. She got slammed and she deserved it.

  5. very opinionated says:

    I am so tired of this! I am also wondering when this gay phase is going end? And I wonder when these so called “gay teens” are going to realise that they are in fact straight and they are just trying to get attention? It’s going to be!

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