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Olympic Winners Come Out for Romney

Three Gold Medal winners from past Winter Olympics appear in the latest Romney for President promotion. Kristi Yamaguchi (Figure Skating), Derek Parra (Speed Skating), and Jimmy Shea (Skeleton Racing) all go to the mat for Mitt. Continue reading

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News Flash For Conservatives: It’s The Culture, Stupid!

Here’s some strategic conservative wisdom to start off our day compliments of David Gelernter, Professor of Computer Science at Yale and author of America-lite: How Imperial Academia Dismantled Our Culture. Of course, we all know that so many of us Right of Center folks like to stand along society’s sidelines and pompously pontificate about the American cultural scene. And don’t you just love it when conservative commentators shake their heads in absolute puzzlement over the positive polls for the Obama phenomenon? Well, here’s a little perky prod for all your bitching and bewildered bystanders. Continue reading

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A Woman With A Gun Wins the Olympics

Kim Rhode, with her gold medal win in skeet shooting at the 2012 London games, has become the first woman to win three gold medals in Olympic shooting and the first American athlete to win five consecutive medals in an individual event in five consecutive Olympic games. Continue reading

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Gays and Political Expediency—Enjoy The Pet Status While It Lasts

A little reminder from Mark Steyn about the rigorous realities of being nominated to play pet poodle for a political machine and why marching in a Gay Pride parade led by the Multicultural drum majorettes of the Democrat party can be hazardous to your homosexual health. Continue reading

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Spain’s Olympic Uniforms—Well, Let’s Just Say They’re Colorful

You can almost smell the roasted peanuts and feel the dirty sawdust under your feet. And what’s that I hear in the background? Continue reading

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Small Business Meets the Beltway and Gets a Standing Ovation

Representative Mike Kelly from Pennsylvania, a small business owner and hence a man who lives in the real world, gave the Beltway Boys a little life lecture on what it takes to successfully run a business. Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren and Her Very White World of Diversity

Elizabeth Warren—the Harvard Hands-Around-the-Globe Diversity Queen can’t seem to find campaign staff that represent her wonderful world of multicultural inclusiveness. Here is Princess Pocahontas at her headquarters with her very gullible groupies who for some strange reason all seem to look just like her. Continue reading

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We Need Romney—Say NAACP Members

African Americans may overwhelmingly support Barack Obama but Mitt Romney and his campaign staff have no intention of turning its back on Black voters. Chipping away at those tribal blocks that Obama seems to be taking for granted, the Romney strategists look to chop off enough of those in the can constituents to undercut the Democrats in November. Continue reading

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Going After The Jewish Vote

The Republican Jewish Coalition is targeting Democrat Jewish voters in key states in a concerted effort to pick off the fence-sitters and the politically disaffected members of the Jewish community. The RJC believes there is plenty of Oy Vey gold to be mined in many voter precincts with strong Jewish communities across the crucial battleground states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida. Continue reading

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Mark Steyn VS Penn State’s Michael Mann

Mr. Mann apparently has his undies in a twist over Mark’s opinion piece that appeared on the NRO website on July 15th entitled Football and Hockey. With his usual scathing way with words, Mark drew a neat parallel in his article between Penn State’s cover up of the criminal activities of convicted pedophile, Jerry Sandusky, and the university’s fawning internal review of Mann’s climate research and charges of academic malfeasance. Not surprisingly, the university’s investigative team gave Mann the official Penn State imprimatur despite the fact that these insulated academic drones never questioned one witness nor reviewed any of Mann’s climate ‘science’ data. Continue reading

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The Boy Scouts Hold Their Ground—Good For Them!

Congratulations to the Boy Scouts of America for standing up to the vicious vendetta perpetrated by a bunch of gay goons and their media hit squad. It takes a special kind of courage to withstand the full force of a cultural tsunami hell-bent on crushing a successful non-profit membership organization. I support the BSA’s basic human right of freedom of association and I denounce the bully boy tactics that continue to be used against this great institution. Continue reading

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Joe Paterno Bites the Dust at Penn State

At dawn this Sunday morning, as most of the Penn State University college kids were sleeping through their Saturday night hang-overs, a work crew arrived at the entrance to Beaver Stadium and hustled off the Joe Paterno statue to parts unknown. Under the protection of 30 police officers in addition to campus security, the crew erected scaffolding around the statue to block their dirty deed from glaring eyes. They then jackhammered the bronze statue from its plinth and quickly muscled it into a nearby flatbed truck. Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street Eager to Claim Colorado Shooter As One of Their Own

The following post was blazoned across the Occupy Wall Street website the other day proudly proclaiming that the Colorado shooter must have been one of OWS’ Black Bloc goons gallantly striking back against THE MAN by murdering moviegoers who dared to watch a Hollywood blockbuster with an anti-OWS political plot. Continue reading

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Welfare is Sexy—And Europe Leads the Way

Welfare is Sexy as the Graffiti Gangsters declare in this European waterfront frieze. Well, I’m sure the state’s Sozialhilfe has enabled many of these vandals to keep up with their amateur art work. After all, isn’t it the fickle fate of the genuinely creative classes to subsidize the chronically sub-par performance of the fraudulent and the fake? Continue reading

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Put an American Back in the White House

Obama—that spoiled, cosseted, free-loading, Democrat Machine flim-flam man needs to have his lazy and unaccomplished affirmative action ass booted out of the Oval Office. And come November, that is exactly what the hard-working, creative, risk-taking citizens—the Builders of America—are gona do. Continue reading

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Obama Punching Bag—Take Your Best Shot!

The Obama punching bag was displayed outside the Republican Party tent at the Indiana State Fair in Muncie. The bag was removed after a couple of fair-goers complained about it, including one who was identified as a Republican. Somehow I have a sneaky feeling that one Republican killjoy was none other than John McCain. Continue reading

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The Business World vs The Ivory Tower

The Successful Businessman vs The Affirmative Action Pseudo-Academic Continue reading

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Senior Citizen Shoots Robbers—Grandpa Pumps It Up!

Instead of being a passive victim completely at the mercy of two gun-wielding little rats who thought they could easily rob an internet cafe full of compliant customers, a senior citizen instead decided to face down force with a little force of his own. Continue reading

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Hillary to Obama: Shame on You!

Liar, liar, pants on fire! Our first Black president is nothing more than a Chicago huckster, but then, many of us knew that unfortunate fact from the very beginning. The rest of America has been playing consciousness catchup but are finally managing to blink their weary way through that hypocritical haze of racial condescension to get a glimpse of the cardboard con man sitting in the White House. Continue reading

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Iranian Women, Then and Now

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the keynote speaker at the Women and Islamic Awakening Conference held in Tehran. This two-day tour de force for the femme fatales of Muslim activism featured workshops that strictly reinforced the crucial role these dames play in maintaining the hegemony of jumped-up jerks like the one featured in the photo below. Continue reading

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NAACP Blows Off Biden

There was low turnout at the NAACP convention for Joe Biden’s obligatory speech compared to the packed house that was on tap to hear Mitt Romney. Well, as one commenter over at Beltway Confidential cleverly quipped: Two white guys in two days was probably too much for them to handle. Continue reading

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Gay Marriage: The Love That Won’t Shut the F-UP

My current sentiments concerning the entire topic of gay marriage can be succinctly summed up in the following quote: Once upon a time they called homosexuality “the love that dare not speak its name.” Now it’s become the love that won’t shut the f___ up. Continue reading

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Brad Pitt’s Mom Gets Slammed for Daring to Voice Her Views

Oh, heaven’s above! A relative of a famous Hollywood celebrity dared to publicly voice an opinion that was pro-life and pro-traditional family. Well, we certainly can’t tolerate that! Time to roll out the bully boy tactics to smash this movie star’s mom to smithereens. Time for the hysterical Hate Hucksters to whip up yet another fomented fury by hurling a slew of genitally titillating slurs. Continue reading

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Great White Sharks Off Cape Cod—That’ll Take a Bite Out of Your Holiday

He’s gonna need a bigger boat. Continue reading

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Construction Signs Read—Impeach Obama

Several electronic road construction signs around Anchorage were hacked late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, according to the state Department of Transportation. Signs that normally display closure and detour information, like the one on Minnesota Drive near 100th Avenue, were changed to read “Impeach Obama.” Continue reading

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