Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress

We made a little Holder history this afternoon with the House of Representatives voting 255 – 67 to hold the US Attorney General in contempt of Congress.  Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat’s Dragon Lady extraordinaire, herded about a hundred of her socialist sheep out through the House door in defiance of the vote.  But that little grandstanding gesture didn’t change the outcome.  In fact, 18 Democrats voted in favor of finding Holder in contempt.

Darrell Issa looked impressive throughout—a smart professional who can think on his feet.  He more than held his own when the remaining Democrats on the House floor attempted to throw Holder fairy dust in the eyes of the American people.

Three cheers for the House Republicans who have been showing some true grit here.  Let’s make life for the Obama toadies as difficult as possible as we march toward victory in November.

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