Gay Gestapo, aka GLSEN, Bullies Rural Community

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is engaged in a hate campaign against a small rural community in Illinois.  GLSEN, a gay indoctrination outreach non-profit headquartered out of New York, is richly funded by big corporate donors such as PepsiCo.  It aggressively pushes a sexualized gay and transgender awareness program at harried school boards across the country, a program that includes materials aimed at pre-kindergarden kids.  GLSEN is a highly politicized Left-leaning identity group linked to the National Education Association (teachers’ union) that seeks to use America’s public school systems to shove their distorted and fringe-freaking agenda at other people’s children.

Co-opting the anti-bully anthem to gain cultural legitimacy and a front door welcome at our nation’s schools, GLSEN seeks to create a ‘safe’ environment for other people’s kids by introducing the youngsters to the wonderful world of gender-bending sexual politics.  And it appears that any school board daring to deny this outfit carte blanche access to its children can be targeted for a demonizing tar-and-feather campaign.

The controversy began when a news flyer unveiled plans to introduce GLSEN’s new elementary-level “toolkit” called “Ready, Set, Respect!” The kit encourages teachers to “invite students” as young as kindergarten to “draw pictures of favorite TV or storybook characters and dress them in clothes that are different … from what they would typically wear,” such as “Cinderella in a knight’s armor” or “Spiderman wearing a magic tiara.”

It also suggests teachers incorporate examples of homosexual relationships into classroom activities, such as writing math problems including “a variety of family structures and gender-expressions. For example, ‘Rosa and her dads were at the store and wanted to buy three boxes of pasta…’ ”

The kit encourages educators to use story books that familiarize young children with same-sex marriage and transgender or cross-dressing behaviors. Suggested books include Uncle Bobby’s Wedding, which features two male guinea pigs who get married.  Citizenlink

Gender confusion as core curriculum.  Yep, that’s the way to raise our kids.  If you go to the GLSEN website you will see this little rural community plastered across its front page.  GLSEN has started a hashtag on Twitter urging people to sign a petition to force the school board to reverse its decision. I left my little alternative message at #reversetheban on Saturday.  But with less than 60 folks in 10 days giving GLSEN the thumbs up on Twitter, it looks like this politicized Panzer strike is getting off to a very slow start.

If you remember, GLSEN was at the center of the FistGate scandal back in 2009 that encompassed its founder, Kevin Jennings, Obama’s Safe Schools Czar.  Breitbart’s Big Government ran a series of exposés based on research conducted by Mass Resistance focusing on GLSEN’s workshops for teenage boys.

Mass Resistance reported that Jennings passed out gay bar guides to Massachusetts high school students at GLSEN events in 2005.  The GLSEN bar guide featured hangouts offering porn, drag shows, strip shows, and leather (S/M).   Also at this conference, GLSEN distributed to kids The Little Black Book–Queer in the 21st Century.  This book introduced young teenage boys to such sexual topics as rimming, waters sports, and fisting.

Yes, the GLSEN hucksters have moved into the mainstream, all under the guise of gay ‘rights’.  Years ago, when conservative folks voiced their concerns about the gay hidden agenda, liberal people laughed aloud.  The very notion that a gay rights movement would lead to the legal acceptance of marriage for homosexuals or the schooling of children in all the weird ways of queer sexual behavior was considered absolutely ludicrous by the Left and noted as nothing more than Right-wing fear-mongering.

Yet here we are today….well, as more and more Left-wing ideology with its multicultural, anti-American, victim-focused, sexual-centric concepts continue to pollute the public school systems, the push back from parents should continue to gain momentum.  School vouchers, anyone?

For the past 40 plus years, Conservatives have been great at grumbling at all the unhealthy societal shifts happening under their very noses.  But they have provided little else in the way of an effective counter-offensive.  For way too long, conservative citizens have been nothing more than cultural eunuchs simpering from the sidelines as the Left planted its seeds of destruction—our schools, our colleges, our media, all bear the genetic stamp of cultural contamination.

Taking back America is so much more that just winning the White House.  Hopefully, conservatives have finally grasped that elementary power concept.  For when we weaken the Left’s institutions, whether it be governmental bureaucracies, teachers’ unions, Democrat media, academic enclaves, we weaken the Left’s cultural hegemony over American values, traditions, and morals.

It’s not just about fiscal sanity—it’s about cultural survival.

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7 Responses to Gay Gestapo, aka GLSEN, Bullies Rural Community

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  2. ndjmom says:

    Wow! What a mouthful, what ever happened to parents (regardless of orientation) taking responsibility for raising their kids? People need to live in various places of the United States to understand that what is “normal” in NYC is NOT normal in a midwest farming community and vice versa.

    Lifestyle acceptance and respect goes both ways people. Schools need to teach math, reading, science, geography etc. Stay out of the moral realm, leave that to the parents and any religious upbringing the family may have.

  3. veryopinionated25 says:

    GLSEN wasn’t even around when i was in junior high or high school. All i did was look up the information myself. Ten years ago.. being queer was still a big no no!

    • Somehow we all made it through school without the aid of some NY-based gay non-profit that thinks it knows best when it comes to addressing kids’ confusion over sexual orientation or gender issues. Of course, their literature, their clubs, and their slant is put forward as the be-all end-all and not to be questioned. Who the hell are they?

      And let us not be fooled by the non-profit status–these creeps are making a very nice living, thank you very much. And of course, the real agenda here is to indoctrinate everyone’s kids on the politically correct attitude about cross-dressing, gender transformation, and queer sex. The fact that they think they have the right to force this crap at other peoples’ kids, just shows how much the natural rights of parents have been usurped by the progressive bureaucracy.

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