Forget Where’s Waldo, Where’s Fast and Furious?

The Democrat media may be doing all it can to keep America in the dark about the Fast and Furious investigation and the Executive Privilege ploy by the Obama Administration, but in many small and not so small ways, this scandal is seeping out to the world at large.

Featured on the front page at YouTube on Saturday was Philip DeFranco’s latest political and current events video.  With close to 500,000 views in just 24-hours, DeFranco’s most recent effort features the Fast and Furious escapade in a 3-minute segment on this 10-minute clip.  He gives a fair summary of the story line as well as an equally fair evaluation of its political consequences for Obama.  Note that DeFranco states he just heard about the scandal and that the liberal blogs were not covering the story in-depth.

If you can’t sit through the fast talking DeFranco’s speedy and edit-jumping format, you can cut to the 7-minute mark for the Fast and Furious feature.

A Shit Storm for President Obama

Some background on DeFranco from Wikepedia:

Philip DeFranco, born in 1985, is an American video blogger and YouTube celebrity. His videos are centered on current events, politics and celebrity gossip in which he gives his opinion, usually presented in an ironic manner and with frequent jump cuts to create a fast-paced feel. He has over 900 million views, and over 2 million subscribers, and is the 17th most subscribed YouTuber as of March 13, 2012. His second YouTube channel is called “PhilipDeFranco” and he also makes a series of vlogs which he calls “The Vloggity”.

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