Obama’s Gift Registry—Forget the Wedding Gifts, Give Cash to Barack’s Reelection Fund

Nothing says tacky like receiving an I donated to the Obama Campaign in Your Name gift card on your wedding day.  In lieu of a real present especially chosen for you and your spouse, Obama wants you to opt instead to have your friends and relatives give cash to his strapped reelection coffers.  But heck, if that’s what floats your gravy bowl then sign on up, all you zany Obama cult worshipers.  Go right ahead—turn that momentous occasion into a pathetic piece of political pathos.  You know you can’t help yourselves.

Gravy Bowl?  In my humble home, this piece of dinner tableware has always been known as a Gravy Boat.  But perhaps bowl is the highbrow description, the nose-in-the-air articulation for the Anna Wintour crowd and all her pedigreed people.  Oh dear!  If we don’t know our bowls from our boats how can we ever expect to sit down to dine with all those elegant celebrity sublimes?

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6 Responses to Obama’s Gift Registry—Forget the Wedding Gifts, Give Cash to Barack’s Reelection Fund

  1. volt007 says:

    What next? Sexual favors in an alley for campaign money? Where is Dave Chapelle?

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    I remember when I was working in a factory, at least 30 years ago, a man and woman decided to get married. They put on the message board, come to the wedding and bring money. This is what this sounds like. 😀

  3. Ann-Marie says:

    Mr. Obowtome certainly has a big hairy set to think this is a good idea. But then, this is the same guy who thought the $3 dinner-with-me raffle was smart too. I’m keeping my blender.

  4. Perry Palmer says:

    Aw heck. I was going to get a toaster. Do you suppose he wants my credit card info?

    • Do you think that Mary Cheney and her partner signed up for the Obama registry? Gay marriage or no gay marriage, I think Ms. Cheney and company will be voting Republican in November

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