Germany Crushes Greece as Merkel Goes Mad

Or as the Germans Say, Tor!

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, an avid soccer fan, gets into the spirit of the game as Germany humiliates Greece in a 4 – 2 victory at the 2012 Euro Football Tournament in Poland on Friday.

The Greek fans were looking to kick the Germans into the play pitch in a fit of angry payback for the austerity strings attached to the great big bailouts given to them by their more disciplined and financially feasible neighbor to the north.  But instead of feasting on the fruits of sweet revenge, these less than Spartan sport fanatics were forced once again to eat Germanic humble pie.

In restaurants and bars in Athens, a brief moment of hope when their team equalized with a stunning breakaway goal early in the second half causing ecstatic celebrations and the shouting of insults against Germany, which is widely blamed for the painful conditions of an international bailout.

But they were soon stunned into silence as Germany ran riot with three more goals to establish total domination despite a successful late Greek penalty at the match in the Polish coastal city of Gdansk.

Restaurants and bars in Athens emptied quickly after the match and the city was subdued.  Reuters

Where is the Justice???

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