Adidas Creates Shackle Shoes

Apparently, Adidas believes they can best prepare young black men and women for their capable careers by fitting them all with shackle shoes.  This corporate giant must feel that their fancy footwear is a perfect fit for every well-dressed future felon.  Sort of gives new meaning to that old racist expression, Shuffle Along.

What were they thinking???

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17 Responses to Adidas Creates Shackle Shoes

  1. liegemaximo says:

    They shouldn’t pull them. Why aren’t the radio stations who promote prison culture to the black community boycotted by black people than? I’m black and I don’t understand the double standard in the black community. We are fine with radio stations promoting black on black violence, the sale and use of crack cocaine in black communities, and getting as many black youth into the “system” as possible all day every day. They advance the notion of single parent homes, the welfare state, and every other possible negative stereotype out there…. And yet all of a sudden black people are pissed about these shoes? The leaders of the black community are rappers who promote every possible means of self destruction. We (black people that is) are just fine with that, but these shoes “whoa that’s too much”…….. It’s just bizarre.

  2. wisebeyond says:

    I think Adidas has been shackled… they will not be ‘moving forward’ with this crazy-stupid product.

  3. girthalamule says:

    Just getting people ready for the feeling of shackles around their legs. Great way to transition into the chain gang.

  4. erins1911 says:

    Why stop there? Adidas should come out with orange jumpsuits, too. That way, we can save public funds that would have been spent on prison uniforms for budding criminals. And, even better, why not offer apartment complexes that have iron gates for doors? This is absolutely brilliant.

  5. Maryellen Lyons says:

    it is getting to the point where absolutely nothing surprises me,,,,,,,,,,,I agree why in heavens name are we catering to the welfare criminal state? The funny fact is that the criminal element will be proud to wear these and possibly kill each other for them. Waiting for the next idiotic idea,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. m. dog says:

    haven’t retailers been “outfitting” our youth with ghetto / hip-hop / inner-city / prison garb for YEARS??
    Ask yourself this – Aren’t shackles designed to connect ANKLE to ANKLE — NOT Foot to Ankle?
    In America, you have the FREEDOM to choose. So, go exert your freedom AND CHOOSE NOT TO BUY IT!

  7. wisebeyond says:

    Do you ever think you can’t read anything as stupid as…”this” … hold on… I think there maybe more to come. I am in desperate need for a company that stops catering to the dumb/criminal/useless members of our othewise great country… Come on America stop buying this crap. The companies that donate to planned parenthood is a good start… read then, buy elsewhere ! Good grief! Although there is that mentality that ‘shackles’ are a good thing… at least with the groups that are known to fall in love with their captors!

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