Obama’s Dream Act: The Desperately Seeking Reelection Executive Latino Pandering Order

In solidarity with Obama’s glad-handing extension of American rights and privileges to all those undocumented Democrat voters taking up college classroom seats and competing for ever-diminishing job prospects in our economic market, let us pledge our fealty to politically correct chaos and open our hearts to hoards of uneducated, non-English speaking Mexicans crossing our borders illegally to gain a better life that only America can provide while disrespecting our country’s laws, mocking our traditions, and refusing to speak our language.  All Rise!

Open Borders Pledge of Allegiance

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8 Responses to Obama’s Dream Act: The Desperately Seeking Reelection Executive Latino Pandering Order

  1. Smile says:

    If a law were passed that required all homes in the USA to never be locked, making laws against resisting an intruder by firearms, requiring people to put away items of memorabilia that a trespasser finds offensive, making it illegal to ask anyone if they’ve unlawfully entered (it might hurt their feelings or make it more difficult for those already claiming difficulty), there would be no one not screaming foul. Yet, this is exactly what’s happening.

    I apologize for commenting so late to this post.

    • Yes, and we’re the only country on the planet that doesn’t secure it’s borders. Just shows you the kind of political pandering that’s been going on for quite a long time.

  2. Maryellen Lyons says:

    Why would you secure our borders when the POTUS is becoming desperate for votes? It is true that a successor can change the executive order: my fearis that we will end up with the same socialist man in office and this beloved country continues his trend to socialism.

  3. Paula says:

    Nearly literally did a spit-take on my beloved iPhone watching that vid!

    • All too true, unfortunately. Look what’s going on in the school systems in CA, AZ, and NM where the flying of the US flag and the pledge of allegiance are considered ‘hurtful’ to the Mexicans in the classroom.

  4. erins1911 says:

    One of the big problems I foresee with this is that as I understand it – it’s just an executive order, which can be undone by his successor. The reason we require this sort of thing to be done legislatively is that then provides predictability as to law enforcement, which is something we desperately need in the area of immigration. I do not disagree that we need immigration reform with clear, fair standards applied. President Obama lacks the huevos to actually lead via productive discussion and compromise. His desperation is showing.

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