Madonna: The Menopausal Material Girl

At the age of 53, one could say that Madonna looks so absolutely fabulous, but one could also say that Madonna acts so absolutely passé.  I guess your point of view depends upon the frame of reference that informs the individual senses when watching this cosmetically enhanced grandmother type perform her pseudo-sexual antics on stage.

A nipple flash here, a bare butt there, and a sweaty hand slid down her pants to mock a masturbation motif.  Ah yes, the old bump-and-grind routine that used to be exclusively reserved for seedy looking middle-aged men and over-eager adolescent boys and booked into a dirty darkened theater in a dangerous part of town, has long long ago made its cultural transition from X-rated porn to prime time entertainment.

But after decades of an interminable sexual revolution within a Western society perpetually stuck in locker room gear, don’t you think that this sleazy slut empowerment movement is starting to seem a little tired and tacky?  I mean, when the likes of Lady Gaga, who looks like an over-used whore after a rough and tumble Saturday night, is sold to the American masses as the heiress apparent to the Madonna monarchy, you just got to know that the sexual thrill of the down-and-dirty nasty novelty is long gone.

I guess though if the paying punters keep buying those ‘concert’ tickets, this menopausal madam of the manufactured material age, and any who may model the overdone image, will continue to sell her not so secret stuff.  But don’t be surprised if the next up and coming act might treat the idiot audience to a gurney and stirrups and a pricey peek at the Madonna moneymaker.

The reigning queen of provocative preen is running out of relevant body parts.  And any real talent she had in her younger better years topped off many many leers ago.

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4 Responses to Madonna: The Menopausal Material Girl

  1. wisebeyond says:

    I know it is all me… just can’t figure out why sometimes I hit the post and I am directed to sign in and it posts and other times it vanishes. Let me work on that.
    OH My Gosh… I read the funniest thing on the Speaker Of The House’s site today… one of the comments posted said that “Monica Lewinsky spent more time in the Oval Office than Obama”
    HA-Larious !!!

  2. wisebeyond says:

    Wondering where my posts go after I hit the ‘post comment’ button? Typing my little heart out…only to see them disappear..

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